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SG 27/04/2007 07:40 PM

Personality vs Jersonality
:D Just kidding (the title I mean)

I am curious to know how do you people understand "personality"? What makes it? Why some people have personality and others don't? Is it a good thing to have personality or a bad thing and why?

Epic 29/04/2007 08:49 AM

To me personality is the same thing as individuality. It is what makes a person unique. I think that everyone has personality although some people pay less attention to how they present their differences(individuality) to others.

I have seen people that get accused of having "no personality" when in reality they have ALOT of personality, perhaps even more than the accuser. Some people just plain are not exhibitionists and only communicate necessary information to others. There is often a time and a place for individuality.

I think that individuality is bad in a structured chain of command, but if there is chaos the flashiest personalities tend to shine most.

Must be the freak variations and mutations that are being "selected" in chaos.

SG 29/04/2007 07:36 PM

I think exhibitionists do not necessarily have personality as in "wow, he/she has got personality!" sense of the word. I don't think that trying to attract attention to oneself is the sign of strong personality.

Epic 30/04/2007 04:18 AM

Maybe it is from an extraverted standpoint. I agree alot of exhibitionists seem shallow, but they still tend to stand out as unique people.

So what do you think is a sign or a prerequisite of a strong personality?

SG 01/05/2007 12:52 AM

Strong personality?...Hmm...Non-conformity. A personality?...I have to think about it.

shadowpuppet 29/04/2018 04:50 PM

I think that people can lack personality if they are very balanced.

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