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Transigent 19/04/2006 07:08 AM

Expanded Model?
I just wanted to add a little more "movement" in the original 4-function model. How can you be confident in something if you can't determine it? How do you DO anything if everything is already settled?

Anyway, I will use ISFj as an example because they are the smartest type.

Not much, but what the hell. It's been sitten on my computer, so...


Confident and concrete in the need to determine - how you feel about something or someone

Creative and inventive in the need to determine - your physical strength or position of authority

Delicate and insecure in the need to determine - your own beliefs and fantasies

Wish to have a clear perception and consistency in the need to determine - your expertise in know-how and how-to

Get bored and uninterested in the need to determine - how excited others are about you

Things aren't essential in the need to determine - the necessities and sensations of your body

Fearful and helpless in the need to determine - your ability to recognise common tendencies and possibilities

Anxious and nervous in the need to determine - your understanding of how things work

SG 19/04/2006 08:45 AM

Re: Expanded Model?
Haha, now tell me the truth, did you look into the javascript source for The Socionics Type Assistant or you had to score the test for every type to get function definitions?

Transigent 19/04/2006 09:19 PM

Re: Expanded Model?
Tsk, tsk, tsk, where is your ?

You only need 2 types, Rational and Irrational. It comes down to just going on one side and picking a bunch of evil words, and then answering the question one way, copy-paste, going back, answering the question the other way, copy-paste.

How would I know what javascript source even is? LOL

Any comments on the actual subject? Or do you just want to poke fun.

You should know that doing that makes me less exited about you , but you probably don't even care .

I understand, I would get pumped up, angry and fight , but I am too lazy right now . hahaha

SG 19/04/2006 09:46 PM

Re: Expanded Model?

Originally posted by The-REAL-Transigent:
Tsk, tsk, tsk, where is your ?

In between my buttocks . By the way, would look in the source code, what you did was , hahaha.

Ok, let me think about your, wait, my ! Ok, can you clarify your question?

Transigent 19/04/2006 10:08 PM

Re: Expanded Model?
I am gonna save some time here...

Me: Is there anything that isn't ?

Sergei: "Yeah, but nothing that you can do."

Me: So, you are saying that anything that anyone does is then.

Sergei: "No, I am saying that everything YOU do is ."

Me: Well, what would be an example of something that ISN'T ?

Sergei: "You tell me, since you claim to not have it."

Me: So, anything related to solving a problem is then.

Sergei: "Not exactly. Everything related to when YOU solve a problem is . Even this little fake "dialogue"."

Me: Okay, so how would solve a problem then?

Sergei: "Like I said, you tell me, since you claim to have it."

Me: Ugh, fine! Okay, well, let me ask it this way: What is the motivation of .

Sergei: "Look. That was Ne right there. Don't you see? Anyway, about motivations, you tell me, since you have it."

Me: Sergei, why do you hate me?

Sergei: "Ne paranoia."

Me: I give up! I think you are messing with me!

Sergei: "There it is again!"

Me: How am I supposed to know what the functions are if you never say anything clear about them?

Sergei: "Use your Ne."

Me: You seem to think I can do things that I can't do!

Sergei: "There, see, apply that Ne to the problem at hand."

Me: Why do you think I keep asking questions! That is my way of solving problems.

Sergei: "No it's not. Use your Ne."

Me: God, please kill me now.

SG 19/04/2006 10:31 PM

Re: Expanded Model?
LOL, you figured me out!

Transigent 19/04/2006 10:36 PM

Re: Expanded Model?

Originally posted by SG:
LOL, you figured me out!
Yes. I suppose I have to look for closure on this Socionics stuff somewhere else. Later, and good luck!

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