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Appleteck 11/11/2011 10:11 PM

Do some companies have personality types?
Please share your experiences, thanks.

jsb'07 12/11/2011 03:34 PM

I wish to know the same. I'm interested in the law of quadras and changes of ideas and culture. But unfortunately, I'm having no experiences to understand the theory. Perhaps the integral type and stage of development should be seen together. And societies and organisation should be seen as organic wholes interacting with other organisations, groups, societies and so on and interacting with inner structures, with gaining multiple tasks.

What do others think?

Appleteck 14/11/2011 08:04 PM

A little wood for the fire...

1st Example:
I worked at a science center with scientists and developers for many years. I typed them as: (90%) INTj/INTp, with the other 10% ESTj /ENTj and a couple of ENTp’s.
Not surprising, the technical support staff is (90%) INTj/INTp and the other 10% ISTj, ENTp with an ESTp director. They fulfill various auxiliary needs of the scientific community- technical assistance and project management. Lastly, the administrators are mostly ISTp, ENFj, and ISFj’s.

Summary: With a good balance of INTj/INTp’s, theories are discussed, debated and ultimately proven or found incorrect using empirical facts.

2nd Example:
I worked at a multi-level marketing (MLM) company with regular Joes/Janes. I typed them as: (80%) ISTp, ENFp, ESFp, INTp, INFp, ESTp and ISFp with 15% of manager level or above to be ENTp with a couple of INTp’s and a handful of ENTj’s (the brains of the operation). Lastly, less than 5% of the company ESTj, ENTj, ENFj and ESFJ’s with a couple of INTj’s.
Not surprising, the technical support staff is: (80%) ISTp, ESFp, INTp, INFp, ESTp and ISFp the other 15% of manager level or above ENTp with a couple of INTp’s and a handful of ENTj’s (the brains of the operation). Lastly, less than 5% of the staff: ESTj, ENFj and ESFj’s with one INTj (I hired him).

Summary: the company has “big picture” ideas but lacks the necessary personality ability to organize, plan and execute in a timely matter. The powers that be run the company like a communist regime with the minority “j” personality types fearing to speak their minds or “step out of line” (with good reason).

Conclusions: These are two polar opposite companies who rely on personality focus to achieve their goals. Unique details of two very different and closed microcosms’.

* Each has a goal or product that the companies hope to be successful and attains the necessary personalities to achieve it.

* One does so in a very rationality way, the other in a very irrationality way.

* Each eliminates unnecessary personalities from the environment, as needed.

* Each is a mirror image of its customer base.

* Each is a mirror image of its technical staff.

* This compatible of personality focus appears to extend to outside vendors, recruiters, etc.

Cyclops 14/11/2011 08:43 PM

This is all very well and good but until you're in a position where you are willing to justify some of your typings then I for one can't take them seriously.

Steve Jobs ENTp?, Barak Obama ESFp?

I appreciate your enthusiasm (but not so much your arrogance) so I reckon I should be a bit more direct in letting you know. BTW I don't get all these typings right either far from it but I can guarantee you that you're not getting the types and the functions correctly. Then that's if your here to learn or to dictate.

Although I said I'd wait for you to give a reasoning for your typings first of all, i'm going to go back on that in the spirit of good faith and debate.

Here's why Steve Jobs is an ENFj:

Highly animate, persuasive, charismatic, visionary, motivational, and dramatic. Likes attention and posing for the camera. Has a carefully crafted persona and frequently changes his appearance. Has an autocratic streak and foists his tastes and mindset on others. Here is an interesting quote about Jobs' visionary qualities:
Jobs is both admired and criticized for his consummate skills of persuasion and salesmanship, which has been dubbed the "reality distortion field" (visit this link!) and is particularly evident during his keynote speeches at Macworld Expos [Wikipedia].
This distortion effect comes from dishing out vision with a powerful emotional (even hypnotic) component. It causes people to have unwavering faith in what is "supposed" to happen and do whatever it takes to get there.

This ("reality distortion field") is prime Fe with Ni. Which is why he's ENFj. It's not really got to do with his taste in underwear or oxygen masks.

Appleteck 14/11/2011 08:53 PM

Hello, and thank you for your post. However, I think you posted on the wrong thread. Please post this under the SJ's one...


Cyclops 14/11/2011 08:58 PM

Too late (for me) to move it, but you can copy and paste it if you like and reply there which would be sweet.

However, I still think it remains relevant here as it gives a better context to people coming into the thread afresh ie one garbage typings the same as another, and they can follow a learning curve :)

Appleteck 14/11/2011 09:06 PM

Sorry, in its current state it is not relevant. By the way, are you an ENTp your profile does not say?


Cyclops 14/11/2011 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by Appleteck (Post 25264)
Sorry, in its current state it is not relevant. By the way, are you an ENTp your profile does not say?


Is this relevant to the thread? :D

No i'm not ENTp i'm ENFj. BTW don't stress your thread being ruined, the pages can go on forever and it's like the natural ebb and flow of conversation, it meanders to and fro different topics while still following the original spine - like threads of threads :)

Appleteck 14/11/2011 09:23 PM

Ok, I'm game.

Interesting… Do you see similar details/actions in you and SJ/ENFj and have you read/listened to his book?

Banter 15/11/2011 12:42 AM

On topic:

Some companies' top priority is to employ only those who they think fit well to the existing staff while for others persons capabilities are the top priority.

Line of business, leadership circles and something. But one can be said for sure, if the leadership circle is chaotic the whole company is. lol

Appleteck 15/11/2011 01:47 AM

FYI, the Steve Jobs piece has moved back to:

jsb'07 21/11/2011 03:09 PM

Because it's mindfully intriguing to make theories in here, we shouldn't forget that these are diletant ones. So to anwser the question, we should make a reasearch plan. Though the socionists are arguing weather or not they exist, to solve the problem, we need to define what company's type is and how to prove or disprove it's exist. And results should have some kind of an scientific quality. And then compared with alternative theories. Perhaps it's too insane, but the ones who like to build conclusions can have some practice and become more qualified in their hobby research.

And sorry for my bad syntax. I'm writing in library and can't concentrate well.

shadowpuppet 29/04/2018 05:57 PM

I think Disney is ESE.

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