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complicater-complexer 08/07/2012 04:20 PM

Contamination of the Sciences
Science is contaminated by Extraverted Thinking types. Well that's not great news. But what you don't know is that this contamination even exists within Mathematics, and even the pure one. If you want to go to a graduate school in the US and do mathematics you have to pass a test that is very highly Te, it largely emphasizes the ability to retain facts. Well of course at the beginning of graduate school you need a lot of Te because you're taking lots of courses. But once you get to research at the end then your tendency to do little reasonning and to replace it by the usage of facts gets revealed. Research comes like a sword to brake the carapace that Extraverted Thinking types use. Life has been running very easily with them so far. Not any longer. The Te person gets realizes how dumb he is, and he tries to compensate for this weakness by looking for more and more facts, but that's not enough. One needs to go in depth, one needs to establish connections. One needs to shift the framework of thinking to be able to come up with something new. And many of those who suffered a lot to arrive, i.e the Ti types find things running smoothly with them. But unfortunately many can't make till there because of a stupid education system that highly values Te. Or they make it in a not very highly ranked university, so they loose few years due to that after graduation, but from there they can go on.

Many professors still think that the recommendation should be function of the scores of the student, so a lot of crap happens.

The correlation between the strength of a person as a student and as a researcher isn't very strong, something still many are not aware. A good student is somebody who only knows how to get high scores, which doesn't tell much how deeply is the material understood.

Cruiser 15/07/2012 06:40 AM

I don't mean to condescend but this a really unhealthy generalization.

The education system is too complex to be reduced to Socionic elements, and doing so only exposes the mindset of the person doing the analysis.

Sure the education system values memorization, but so does everything else in this world. We memorize sensory movements and processes to function in day to day life. The education system also values discipline, critical thinking, and increased ability to recognize and manipulate spatial and logical relationships when it comes to mathematics, similar things can be said for the other sciences.

nahbee1235 16/07/2012 05:21 AM

So Te is corrupting scientific research? or all research? Isn't Ne what is able to make connections? I could see how Te might be limiting in higher education, if that is the only information element that is valued. Here's a bunch of facts (Te)... then what? So here comes logic (Ti) that makes connections among the facts. But just because something seems plausible because logic (Ti) indicates that it could be, doesn't mean that it was/is/or ever will be true (Te) or that a practical application will be found for it (Te, again). So, Te & Ti are both valuable for different reasons in graduate studies/research. Perhaps, like a checks and balances type of system??

complicater-complexer 18/07/2012 10:29 AM

The tone in my first post was a bit strong and I was a bit extreme.

So let me reformulate stuff:

Mathematics requires both Te and Ti. And really both. And a Te ego type is a T-type, so it is capable of a minimum of Ti usage; practically this means that it is capable of making sense of what it is studying. Of course memorizing for the sake of it doesn't work in mathematics, which is what many F types do when they want to get a degree in mathematics so they can barely make it to get an undergraduate degree. My claim is that the mathematical educational system is clearly more inclined towards Te than towards Ti without completely being devalueing of Ti. The kind of logical manipulations that is required can be done while avoiding an intensive usage of Ti and using block facts that would allow one to reason less (but still some minimum reasoning would be required). And Te types are pretty good at it. For instance, before an exam a Ti preson would spend a lot of time timing himself organizing the thoughts and understanding the reason behind every thing in what it is studying and as a consequence spend less time learning the problem solving techniques, and as a result get a lower score than what his Te rival would get. And nothing could be more annoying, because from sitting with a Te person you can see how much does it understands less than what it thinks it does. Since research is free of the biases of the educational system (that's what pure mathematics really is, not a distorted representation of mathematics) these weak spots from the Te type are going to be revealed, unless he works enough on developing his Ti skills, which can only happen if he takes enough math courses with Ti teachers who are very good at taking the mask off from the face of the pretenders. Now of course Te is going to be always required even in research! But now the Ti types can thrive because they were by force lead to develop their Te, while the Te person wasn't lead enough to work on improving his Ti skills (unless....). So guess who wins.

Of course notice the reservations in my post here, because there are many factors in life that can be influencing, but I am willing to bet everything that if a statistical survey is to be conducted then the data will reveal that what I am saying has some truth in it.

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