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MindHunterINFJ 14/10/2011 12:11 AM

Anyone Here INFJ, 100% Intuitive And 80% Plus Feeling (Empathic)?
Despite the distribution patterns of members here, the INFJ category is normally deemed to be the rarest of the MB personality types---from 1/2% to 2% of the population. Females dominate in this group about three to one, so a male INFJ is the rarest of the rare.

Within that minuscule percentile, I consistently test 100% intuitive and very high feeling (80% plus, usually high 80s%). I have never, despite diligently searching, found another person who over and over tested at 100% intuitive. Two or three I have met over the years have occasionally tested at 100%.

Query: Is there an INFJ on this site who is like me?

BTW, I never self-describe as a "psychic", and I make no claims to being a medium. I channel no one, not even Elvis or Michael Jackson. :) Also, I do not describe myself in Christian terms of "discernment" or "prophetic", yet there is definitely something in me that links with the mystical, the numinous we call "God".

My entire life I have "known" things to the point of certainty. How? I know not. I just do. Can I be wrong? You betcha! As my daughter constantly reminds me, "Now, Dad, just because you are 100% intuitive does not mean you are 100% right!" Touche! I am not (so I respond to her), "only 99%". :)

What is there within me that enables me to "know" things about people that I have no rational way of knowing? Why am I invariably surprised and awed when I am right? If I ceased to view this gift with awe and wonder, would it desert me (NOT that I could do such, not really)? And why is it sometimes a curse rather than a blessing?

NO! I do not read minds or thoughts. Not really. It's more miasmic than that: I "read" people, who they are, where they are, where they've been---and more. Sometimes I can see, as if through a window darkly, the vague outlines, shadows, of possible/probable future "presents" in the cloudy chaos of swirling time we (mis)label the "future". They are, however, shape-shifters subject to the vagaries of our multiple choices, the vehicle by which we "call" the particular present we experience into this one existence

The non-choices, all the infinite number of them, so I intuit, are also realities/dimensions/universes just beyond our grasp/perception. We call them alternate or parallel universes existing in an "if only" (the two saddest words in the English language) somewhen (my word) in multi-linear, curvalinear time.

Okay, I've lost you, but if so this was not written for you. It was written for me---and for that one other who reads my paltry words and says, "Wow! I get this guy! He is speaking my language! And he's doing so in the presence of all those others who do not understand."

I am hunting that mind. Are you here?


Cyclops 14/10/2011 09:11 PM


I'm hunting that mind. Are you here?

Not me sorry, but good luck on your quest, and welcome to the forum :)

GUIMPIV 02/11/2011 10:41 PM

Not here but....
So, I'm an INTP but my father who passed away on 2007 was an amazingly intuitive INFJ.
Due to our bloodbond and our personality types I turned into his advisor since I was young and had the chance to get to know him as deep as I could. So I guess I could tell you a thing or two about my father if you'd like, but that would be unrelated to the thread so.... would you like to know something about him?



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