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Transigent 19/08/2007 01:53 PM

Lack of T...or just N
I've kinda noticed that Intuition can sometimes seem like a lack of Thinking in general.

For instance, I need to have everything explicitly explained to me in regular situations, because I see so many ways that I can take something. I truly don't understand what someone is saying sometimes, and have to ask 1000's of questions to really get exactly what they mean.

I know some INTj **I think** who doesn't know how to work a computer, and doesn't really "get it". Same goes for anything new when you explain it to them step by step, but when you tell them the general idea, it's like, bam, they get it.

But still, I even mistook people (including yours truly) for being maybe F types for just not thinking, but really it turns out that N types are just...well...kinda spacy!

Any observations, comments, explanations?

ValerieUGA 19/08/2007 04:08 PM

I have a general 'spaced out' look, but it's probably the drugs. :p

I don't get things out of context. If I meet someone I know from work at the store, I don't recognize them. Or if someone is trying to explain a skill to me, and I'm not familiar with it's use I have trouble getting it. I hate that about me. The computer is one of those things. And I suck at geographical directions. Giving them and following them.

But I wouldn't mistake someone for F, if they were NT. It's distinct enough for me. But talk about spacey! NFs are the worst. In the amount of time it takes them to process new information I usually move on to other things.

implied 19/08/2007 05:27 PM


Originally Posted by Transigent (Post 6824)
I know some INTj **I think** who doesn't know how to work a computer, and doesn't really "get it". Same goes for anything new when you explain it to them step by step, but when you tell them the general idea, it's like, bam, they get it.

i may know an INTj like this. (;

NS2D 19/08/2007 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by ValerieUGA (Post 6830)
And I suck at geographical directions.

No s**t? I've been waiting, tied to my bed and covered in strawberry jam for the last week...I've only just managed to get free because the ants that I'd attracted knawed right through one of my arm straps.

ValerieUGA 20/08/2007 05:32 AM

You got free? Where's the fun in that?

complicater-complexer 20/08/2007 10:50 AM

The excess of details can confuse intuitives. For me it is exactly the contrary (because I am S).

I need details, by having Ti > Te I need to see the relation between them. I was absolutely null in biology though it contains a lot of details. The problem was in the way it is taught: They overload you with facts by using undefined terms (which is a problem for a Ti like I) and not showing you how things work, and making a lot of assumptions which do not sound obvious to me ( S > N ). I need to see a linear progression in things. That's why I feel a lot of comfort in math. Math lessons are of the form: definition, proposition and proof.

I summarize: if there are no logical connection between facts there is no way I can memorize them.

But if I am not told details at all I might seem lacking T.

Let's talk about computers. I can be excellent in using them if I am given a course in which everything is well explained. I excelled in the course about Java programming. One thing I was proud of is that I could write programs that are shorter than those written by my collegues. I remember very well the day when I wrote a program that was three times shorter than that written by two other collegues.

However if I am not given the explanation of everything from zero there is no way I can understand anything at all from the middle and this might result in needing to repeat the process millions of times in order to memorize it. I hate having someone telling me: "Do that and do this", I feel like I want to punch him on his face. I am working in a computer lab at college (now the work is over because the summer semester has ended), I have to make the wireless confuguration for students' laptops. I needed a lot of time to memorize the process since nothing was explained to me. This job gets on my nerves, I hate to be repeating a process like a machine without understanding anything at all. I feel like I want to kill my supervisor and burn the lab for this stupid job I am being given.

In everything I have written I don't know what is due to S > N, and what is due to Ti > Te.

How do you define a lack of T? Thinking is a process and it must never be confused with any behaviour at all.

Transigent 21/08/2007 05:36 AM

You seem very lacking T.

complicater-complexer 21/08/2007 09:13 PM

If you are being funny then this doesnot make me laugh. If not, than I don't need your license in that, who are you to give such license.

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