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ESTp Uncovered, When Nobody Loves Me
27 June 2010

by I/O

ESTp are consummate snake-oil salespeople who have only one goal in life: to sell themselves or their ideas. If ESTp cannot gain your love or admiration, they will settle for your submission. ESTp are fast-moving and fast-talking, and seek the finer things in life, even though, those things may belong to you. However, they would be quite generous to others with your things.

Rules and laws are seen only as guidelines for ESTp. If they decide that something needs to be done, then they'll do it regardless of who gets hurt. Their wants and needs take precedence over any rules. They're outspoken risk-takers who don't mind getting their hands really dirty. ESTp live in the here-and-now, and place little importance on introspection or consequence.

Getting an ESTp to finish or commit to something is like trying to land a large tuna - one must come prepared for a fight. The ESTp will leave a trail of unfinished business and relationships. Their live-in-the-moment philosophy drives them to continually seek new relationships and challenges, while existing projects and people bore them. Issues that require focus and concentration will sap the ESTp of energy while the fight to avoid chores will invigorate them. ESTp remain committed only as long as there is a real impending threat to them, but they will remain totally bored with everybody and everything that is familiar.

As clever as an ESTp may be, following instruction will be the most difficult chore for them. The ESTp will often have trouble in school; they see little use of theory in their insatiable quest for new things and experiences. ESTp intuition is often wrong so they don't trust theory or their instincts, and is highly suspicious of the instincts of others. They're only interested in physically what you have and what you can give - forget the intangibles.

ESTp are proud of the fact that they don't plan because they feel they can manoeuvre in any situation. They typically makes things up as they go. However, they react more than they think; they make rash decisions and then have to fix them. They're always improvising because they use so little intuition. Their decisions and actions are based upon their understanding of the facts at hand, which are frequently incomplete, especially when the situation involves people.

ESTp use their ability to perceive attitudes and motivations to get what they want out of people. Having a strong flair for drama and style, they're very good at manipulating the truth and improvising to suit the situation. They can be extremely charming initially. However, they will eventually squeeze all the fun and energy out of relationships. As boredom sets in, their sensual nature becomes more earthy, caring little about the effect their words have on you. Their fast-paced lives will leave many friends in the dust.

ESTp approach intimacy from a shallow, physical perspective rather than from any depth of affection. They may verbally express words of affection during intimacy but never really mean any of them. They do not care what others are feeling unless they're after something, and when they get it, they usually won't express any gratitude - it's like a conquest. For them, actions speak louder than words, and words, other than their own, are irrelevant. People who require affirmation should avoid ESTp. The gift that an ESTp will give to an old friend is a toy with which they have finished playing, or one which needs a partner. They consider gifts more like tools that are reserved for gaining new conquests.

The ESTp needs to keep moving, and will place much effort into ensuring (s)he is not restricted or confined. They feel stifled and unhappy when dealing with routine chores. However, they get very excited about new endeavours, and have the ability to motivate abettors (lemmings towards the sea). Although they have talent for getting many things started, ESTp finish little. If one starts a project or relationship with an ESTp, expect to have to provide all the follow-through.

ESTp are one of the most exciting but challenging types to be around. They immerse themselves in risky situations providing non-stop action, and will suck you along with them. They are competitors that want to beat everybody into the ground - especially their old friends. They are drawn toward games of skill that offer an opportunity to defeat others. This, coupled with their tendency to cheat, makes them formidable opponents. Their own sense of personal integrity has the theme: "my way is the only way". Their rash enthusiasm and excitement-loving nature toward risk make them dangerous companions.

You know you're in the realm of an ESTp when every flat surface is piled with "borrowed" items and junk.
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