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Socionics j/p vs MBTI(r) J/P Take #2
23 September 2010

by Sergei Ganin

Both systems recognise the existence of so called dominant function (MBTI) a.k.a 1st or main function (Socionics) and auxiliary function (MBTI) a.k.a. 2nd function (Socionics) which is synonymous with Jung's work on psychological types. But this is where the similarly ends.

In Socionics the dominant (1st) function exclusively defines if the type is classified as Judging (j) or Perceiving (p). So if the dominant function is Judging by nature (Thinking or Feeling) the type is considered Judging (XXXj), if the dominant function is Perceiving by nature (Sensing or iNtuitive) the type is considered Perceiving (XXXp). For example, the types with dominant Introverted Feeling (FiNe, FiSe) and the types with dominant Extraverted Feeling (FeNi, FeSi) are all Judging types. The four letter acronym for these types in Socionics would be written as INFj, ISFj and ENFj, ESFj respectfully.

In MBTI(r) both dominant and auxiliary functions are taken into consideration when deciding on J/P. Then only the nature of the Extraverted function of the two is considered definitive. Using the same types as above as an example, the types with dominant Introverted Feeling (FiNe, FiSe) would be considered Perceiving (P) types in MBTI because it is the auxiliary functions that are Extraverted therefore the nature of the auxiliary functions is taken into consideration in this case. The auxiliary functions are Perceiving by nature (iNtuition and Sensing), therefore the types are classified as Perceiving (XXXP). The other two types in the example (FeNi, FeSi) have dominant Feeling function that is Extraverted and therefore the nature of the dominant function is used as definitive this time. Feeling function is Judging (J) by nature, therefore these types are also classified as Judging (XXXJ). The four letter MBTI acronym for these types would be written as INFP, ISFP and ENFJ, ESFJ respectfully.

As you can see identical introverted types in both typologies would be classified as opposite in regards to Judgment/Perception on purely theoretical basis. The problem here is that in practice Judging or Perceiving behaviour is usually attributed to the type as whole regardless of the system used, therefore making it more compliant with Socionics definition of j/p. This is why any claims that all you need is to simply flip J/P around for MBTI introvert types to correspond with Socionics types and vice versa are untrue and confusing. It is just not this simple.
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