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The real "Ethics" of Gamma SFs - Uncovered
18 January 2009

by Astra

Gamma SFs, the Politicans (ESFP) and Conservators (ISFJ), are masters of exploiting interpersonal relations to ensure they get what *they* want at minimal personal cost. The game is self-assertion and obesiance, and what they want can change on a whim. Depending on their perceived "severity" of the issue, they can demand that the world stop, every logistical system of polity and natural order be circumvented, and everyone around them be miserable, wait, or lose out if they have not yet acquired what it is they want, or believe themselves to be entitled to (though often arrived at through no particularly sound methodology). They fear change and novelty like the plague, making them subsequently appear reliable, traditional and conservative ... "good citizens" quietly supporting the status quo through the mundane efforts of their chosen daily grind. From all appearances, they exemplify patriotism and good stewardship. They are masters of consciously presenting the right particular image as someone who is "worth" whatever goal they have in mind for the moment. But truth be known, there is nothing about their cognitive wiring which makes them inherently more "ethical," in the common sense of the term, over any other type.

Gamma SFs possess an innate "us vs. them" mentality. They seek materially gainful relations with others which enhance their personal sense of conservatism, material prosperity, and inconspicuously "normal" - yes, even mediocre - social appearances. You're either in their club - because you contribute economic value and/or make them look good - or else you're out. Depending on the situation, Gamma SFs may hide some of their resources in the hopes of gaining more from another, at the others' expense. It doesn't matter which party is in better material standing - as long as they can find any means possible to extract what they wish, concern for the welfare of the opposing party aside. They attempt to elevate their own image as reasonable, "normal" citizens by denigrating others through their own irrational perceptions and whims. A good example of a Gamma SF is the cantankerous restaurant customer on old Sesame Street episodes who Grover (ENTP) must repeatedly serve.

Able to restrict their vision solely to one point of view, the Ni-infused Gamma NTs value and possess the fine art of tactfulness necessary to sensitively accomodate the Gamma SFs so that their ego - personal image and sense of power - is not threatened. In positive terms, Gamma SFs are the most "loyal" to whatever it is they hold dear - no matter how inappropriate (i.e., irrational or outdated) a solution may be to the needs at hand. But Gamma SFs are the most narrow-minded of all types and the most inconsiderate of others peoples wishes and rights - especially anyone who happens to be fundamentally different from them. The thought of accommodating two agendas, their own and anothers, even if logically feasible, doesn't phase them. As long as they get what they want first, despite any possible gestures of civility and thoughtfulness, they really couldn't care less about anything else and there's no sense to them in devoting time a moment's time to considering another's inconvenience. They figure that it's "their" problem to deal with. The more extreme the type, the more severe or even harmful the other's loss they will be "resigned" to. "Too bad" will be their simple reply toward the unwitting, perhaps good-natured fool on the receiving end. They can limit their view to whatever belief they wish as to why the other was less deserving than they. But Gamma NTs know how to politically circumvent the Gamma SFs material self-orientation in order to create their own win-win scenarios.

The emotional control of Gamma SFs is second to none, which can potentially make them appear to be the most coldhearted of all the types on the right occasion. Their focus is on what they want, and they do not want to hear any other options, or anything which may challenge their original conception of what they desire. The appearance of more extreme types can be suave, seductive, powerful and vain. They simply want the obesience and/or assurance, in whatever form, that their desires will be satiated once again, and their sense of stability and mediocrity is maintained. Demonstrations of competence and excellence beyond the norm "threatens" their position of power, and will solicit scorn and underhanded attacks to weed out their enemy via whatever political means and re-secure their sense of mountain-top power. Those means will seem absolutely civil, even "moral," by all APPEARances, and any foul play will be most cleverly disguised.

If you really want to upset an Gamma SF***, express calm and also empathy if they are complaining - empathy in the sense of, "I'm really sorry - I know it must be frustrating that X; and you'd expect X to be there". They will misperceive it as insulting behavior which is extracting power from their position, rather than the sincere courtesy you intended. If solicited, be sure not to give them any direction on what decision they should make, e.g., if waiting for a certain activity to be swiftly resolved is "worth their time" or not. Leave it for him/her to decide. Ignore their appeals to a higher authority to solve a problem by asserting your own technical competence in the matter to be at least equivalent to anyone else currently available. Trivialize their complaint of another's "intrusive" or offending behavior at a seemingly unrelated distance by validating it for the other person according to their own needs and circumstances. Suggest "teamwork" (i.e., apart from following their directions to a tee so as to make them "look good"). Inadvertantly challenge the direction they give you by naturally suggesting new, especially better options. Shower them with new ideas and designs, and offhandedly troubleshoot their technical problems before their very eyes. Be sure to exhibit curiosity and a playful sense of experimentation as you do it. And if you really want to scare the hell out of them, just demonstrate any degree of conceptual imagination for fun. Alpha NT kind is best. They'll quickly conclude that you must be insane, or else demonize you, and aggressively turn your friends, family, or coworkers against you, vehemently persuading them that you should be committed, or at least avoided at all costs. And if they've selected you as enemy material, they will probably succeed in unnecessarily destroying many of your relationships - personal or professional - you've come to depend on in order to feel socially integrated.

Contrary to Alpha NTs, who have an almost instinctive sense of universal, moral and local law from an empathetic standpoint, Gamma SFs are the most apt to sympathetically take the law into their own hands or else "work the system" so as to right the wrongs which they, often erroneously, perceive. The result is in more moral damage for everyone involved than what should have been rectified. Gamma SFs are the rock-solid believers in whatever desire they assume is worthwhile and will stand by it and fight for it until the end. Naturally, this is ability is potentially as valuable as any other type's combo of ego strengths, per its appropriate time and place in the scheme of things. But do not assume these people to be innately more "moral" - or even worse, that their conflictors the Alpha NTs are the least moral - simply by virtue of their type, as this is hardly the case.

*** Written facetiously. These tactics are not recommended nor even desired by the author.
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