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Electromagnetism and Socionics
18 February 2007

by Sergei Ganin

I would like to set and explore another perspective for looking at some things in Socionics - Feeling function in particular. And I would like to do so by involving something as irrelevant to Socionics as Electromagnetism.

What is Electromagnetism? Electromagnetism is a fascinating phenomenon. An alternating electrical field can produce a magnetic field, which in return can produce an electrical field and so on. The electromagnetism is the reason why an electric current running through a wire can generate a magnetic field around it and if you place another wire next to the original wire then the magnetic field generated by the current in the original wire will induce the electric current in the second wire. This is how a common transformer works. So the electromagnetism allows energy transfer over a distance. Now what this has to do with Socionics?

I'd like to talk about emotional energy. You've heard the term and hopefully many of you have experienced it as well, otherwise I'll be talking to myself. You know how some people could be emotionally draining and how some could be emotionally overwhelming. The emotional energy exists and it is real. It is true that some people are less sensitive and may not be affected by it as much as other people, which are more sensitive to it. It is also true that some people can generate significant amounts of emotional energy and some can generate very little. In Socionics the emotional energy would be described by using - Extraverted part of Feeling function. Emotional energy in terms of "emotional" physics would be similar to magnetic radiation in terms of electromagnetism. And the - Introverted part of Feeling function would be responsible for "alternating electric currents" running through the internal emotional wiring. So here you go - the relation between , and again.

Your internal emotional state, your subjective feelings will create an emotional energy field around you (like a magnetic field) whether you want it or not. Someone else will have their own emotional energy field around them as well. When the two fields collide you can sense attraction or repulsion. What's more, your emotional field may induce your "currents" in other people as well as theirs could induce their "currents" in you. Those "currents" could agree or disagree with your own "currents", affecting your internal feelings. Needless to say that the amount of affection you can inflict or experience would be proportional to the strength of your own emotional field and your emotional sensitivity. Apparently the stronger the emotional field you can generate the less your emotional sensitivity.

Is it possible to generate negative polarity emotional field? Most probably yes, by being miserable. Have you ever felt like your emotional energy gets sucked out of you by being around certain people? Some people can be very emotionally draining.

So here it is - the new perspective for looking at things. Feel free to discuss it further.
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