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Question #1451500664Wednesday, 30-Dec-2015
Category: Duality
what are the effects of duality -- Anonymous
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A1 Although you may not be physically attracted to your dual, there must be complete trust in one another for it to work: 1. Complementary and non-interfering rationalization processes, perceptions and abilities. 2 Potential for realizing common goals with a more all-encompassing approach. 3. Inherent ability to communicate with and understand one another. 4. Someone who potentially can guard against your weaknesses. 5. You tend to behave like your dual when you're under a lot of stress so duals can facilitate stress reduction - one seeming to know the subconscious needs of the other. -- Anonymous
A2 Effects? Inevitable Failure. [A1]: Physical Attraction is about the ONLY thing that brought me to my Duals; ESFJs tend to take excellent care of their physiques... in my experience. So that would be a general rule without much merit. [Original Poster]: I wouldn't place any stock in this Duality hype. The only ones interested in Duals seem to be those who haven't KNOWN one completely. I think MBTI (although still HIGHLY debatable) is more accurate than Socionics when it comes to this interrelations jazz. Though, I still wouldn't take either seriously when arriving at a decision on a partner. As an INTJ: INTJ, ENTP, and 'low F' INFJ women are my top 3. But if I absolutely had to choose between these theories' "ideal" pairings... I prefer an ENFP(MBTI) to an ESFJ(Soci); ESFs nag about petty sh*t that doesn't matter. Like not taking out the trash at 6:00am even though the Garbage Man arrives at 12:34pm the following day. Or lower-casing the 'J' or 'P' at the end of Socionics' indicators even after clear specification of which was being referred to. On the other hand, ENFPs are probably annoying in a less abrasive way; want constant affection, validation, extremely nosy, etc.. But the ease of 2nd dimension communication can make it do-able. It's a rather peculiar mix of annoyance and endearment; they seem to have access to an INTJs physical desires like seldom do (I think they spend a chunk of their creativity in this department.). Back on topic, N/S relationships seem much less likely to harmonize than if the success of the relationship were dependent on J/J or P/P. Whether your partner is P or J is of lowest priority in my eyes; the two middle dimensions (N/S & T/F) seem most important to share than a J/P... I somewhat have my own formula regarding compatibility. Being, IDEALLY you should share your two middle dimensions (NT/NT, SF/SF, etc.), but if you only share one of the two mid-dimensions you must share at least 2 or 3 Dimensions total to compensate for the lost of a critical dimension [Examples: NJ/NJ, TP/TP, ES/ES, etc. OR INJ/INJ, ETP/ETP, IFP/IFP, etc.]. In other words, Semi-Duality, Look A Likes, Comparative, and to a lesser extent Relations of Benefit. If you insist on staying with Socionics, the effects of Semi-Duality is most likely the "best" in Theory. It's a compromise of each theories' ideal match, provides a balance of commonality and difference, and doesn't run as much risk of severe misunderstandings; unlike Duality where there will be more than it's worth. Complete Duality is only a notch better than worst, in my sole opinion. Of course it CAN work; like any relationship. But it'll probably require just as much effort as if it were a Conflicting. I personally wouldn't invest that much energy into a relationship unless I absolutely HAVE to (e.g. for the sake of my offspring). Would be too exhausted to partake in activities I actually care about... annnnd relationship building isn't necessarily a fond hobby of mine. I'd need to see an instant ROI before I start to think of incorporating an individual into a long-term plan. Ns often offer this initial return I seek, while SFs... well, have their perks in a Boxer-Trainer kind of way. But I prefer Sparring Partners (NTs) for mutual improvement. Since I'm my own source of true motivation and can objectively review tape/analyze what I can improve upon myself. But that's just my two-cents. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
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A3 A2, you talk like an INTp. -- Anonymous
A4 A3 Because it was long? Where's the WHY in your argument? People and their shallow judgements with no logical backing. I'm too strong of a J to be considered INTP... nice try though. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
A5 Yeah a2, you need to retype yourself. I married my dual - an esfp and yes we've had our problems but I think it comes down to whether or not two people are ready for a relationship at all, he is ready in the way where he handles responsibility, holds down a job, and treats me properly. I wasn't completely ready for a relationship, so he had to help me along in a lot of ways. We had bumps, but in the end, things have only grown stronger. We have a daughter now who is an esfp, and expecting another (hopefully an intp) lol. Don't be so quick to shoot down duality, because it is most likely YOU that's the problem. My sister is an istp, and she was with her dual an enfp. He woke up one day and she was gone because of his severe gambling problem. The duality failed there, because of HIM. Not because of the types. -- Dont knock it
A6 A4, I did not mean A3 as a slight. It's just that your grammatical structure and phrasing reminds me of many, many Socionics INTps that I've known: I wouldn't place any stock in I still wouldn't take either seriously petty sh*t that doesn't matter annoying in a less abrasive way my own source of true have my own formula isn't necessarily a fond hobby of mine this initial return I seek I prefer Sparring Partners notch better than worst wouldn't invest that much energy doesn't run as much risk I also sense the argumentative, dismissive, defensive, 'dare you to knock it down' posture that I associate with INTp but again I do not mean this in a bad way.... -- Anonymous
A7 A5 & A6 LOL Seriously? Grammatical Structure and Personal Victory is what we're basing MY type on??? You guys HAVE to do better than that. *Sigh* The typical 'you disagree with Duality, you're mistyped' argument doesn't hold water Padawans. ~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*I've "re-typed" myself a dozen plus times genius, ALL test have me listed as a solid INTJ; The 'J' consistently strongest. It's utterly ridiculous that you guys are attempting to debate knowing myself better in a couple minutes than I have a couple decades. The question here isn't my type; I'MMM confident of that. The question is your typing competence. Thought it goes without saying that Grammar is usually a depiction of ones educational background; not of ones thought process. The only language I truly understand is math (logic), so forgive my grammar. Math is the logic which resembles that of an INTJ; Objective. Grammar is INTP logic; Subjective. I thought an INTP would understand that my post was SUBJECTIVE to my own experience. So by your own logic, you must not be an INTP (I would guess ISTP with the black and white logic you've displayed). In my experience, ESF and INT pairing last for the short-term, so come back in 5-10 years, then talk; sounds like you're in the early stages. Lastly, since when is Argumentative, Dismissive, and Defensive limited to any ONE type? LOL All types can be any one of the three, they're just triggered differently. An INTJ does so when there's a lack of logical cohesion, an ESFP would do so when their little feelings get played with, etc. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
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