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Question #1448397267Tuesday, 24-Nov-2015
Category: Type me!!! ISFj INTp INFj ISTp
So, I took a socionics test here a year ago, and ended up as an ILI. However, I came to realize that other introverted types (namely ESI, SLI, and EII) profiles did fit as well as the ILI one, especially after reading Gulenko, Stratievskaya and Wikisocion's profile pages of these three. Doubting my results, I took the test 1 more time (a month ago), and still ended up as an ILI. I still think that I could be one of the above mentioned types. Can someone explain how that is possible, and how I can suppress these doubts? -- Tobio (gamma XXI/ delta XXI)
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A1 Although they aren't totally reliable, you may try Reinin dichotomies in order to find your type.!%29?s=f6e518758f8a0cf8d2d3f3aef039b11b&p=105068#post105068 The last link is a kind of test. Choose 4 or 5 of the traits which fit you, beginning with the one which fits you the best. Other Socionics tests can be found here: The last one is however unfortunately a bad translation from russian. This link shows a chart which summarizes in few words main peculiarities of each type... -- piccolo_michel
A2 It may be impossible to determine exact type before approximately the age of 25, which is when the brain should be fully developed physically. This is when ego's concrete starts to set. Even when brain chemistry is fixed, it is possible for a type to sit on the fence between S and I, and or L and E. However, whether one theoretically fits or doesn't fit in one box or the other is irrelevant to discovering the way in which an individual processes information and interacts with others. What's important is that one is aware of and is studying interpersonal interactions for the purpose of improvement. -- Anonymous
A3 A1 thank you for all these links! I tried them one after another, though I still have trouble finding my type. I'll "study" socionics a little bit more, so as to be able to find my type! Thank you too, A2! I'll keep your words in mind, should I become too fixated on the "quest for typing myself!" -- Tobio
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