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Question #1446326296Saturday, 31-Oct-2015
Category: Celebrities Typing
What personality type is pop singer Madonna? ESTP? She seems to enjoy getting along with most people and being centre of attention. She also doesn't seem to be bothered with getting straight to the point on issues. She also seems to put on an image of a strong woman. -- Bob Lomax
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A1 oh please!!! being a centre of attention is not what all estp want.. If she is insensitive enough to **** off lot of people she can be an estp -- Anonymous
A2 She seems to be a bit of a control freak - inquisitively confrontational with others while suspiciously guarded about herself. It's her way or the highway so she's more likely to be 'ESTj'. -- Anonymous
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A3 Well there's no doubting that she's an Extrovert. But I think she might be 'N' over 'S', she's rather creative and leans heavily towards abstract out-of-the-box thinking in her wardrobe selection, music, videos, interactions, and overall Brand. ESs tend to stay within a confined box of whatever society has already approved. She's also very susceptible to others, even those of "unlikely" company, aka the open-mindedness of a "N"; no one's too weird, off-brand, etc. to associate with. ESs care WAAAAY too much about what others may think of them if they are seen hanging-out with someone dressed in Cowboy boots, a pink to-to, and a Freddy Krueger Mask. ENs on the other hand seem more inclusive regardless of social status. Anyway, moving on to T/F... Think this is the most challenging to figure out. I've seen interviews where she displays a decent level of logical filtering... then I've seen interviews and other sources of media where she's completely off-the-rails with no logical expression whatsoever. But if I had to average them out I would say her Feeling Side just BARELY dominates Thinking. So I'll go with ENF.And finally, P. She's clearly one of those 'F**k the rules, let's all have fun' types. Being a control-freak has little to do with being a J. I know ESFPs that LOVE to control everyone's life but REFUSE to spend a second controlling their own. It seems to be a classical 'EP' trait if anything. J's are less hypocritical when it comes to taking accountability for actions. We expect others, as well as ourselves, to adhere to the system present (Given the system is logical, personally speaking.). EPs are the 'Do as I say, not as I do.' types that see leading by example as a foreign practice; many ESFPs certainly do. And as far as confrontation goes, that's more of an environmental matter than a single dimension. If you're raised where conflict is common you're more likely to adopt it as a natural part of life and be more comfortable with confrontation than say someone in an overly-sheltered environment where confrontation is frowned upon. But to wrap this up... my Final Guess on Madonna: ENFP- She does fit the popular, well-liked, profile best if I must say. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
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