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Question #1429007705Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015
Category: Duality ESFj INTj Attraction Relationship
Please share your INTj/ESFj duality stories below! How did you meet? What was it like initially? What does it feel like to be around each other? Were there any difficulties in your relationship? How did you establish the connection? -- curious INTj
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A1 Esfj?? I guess intj has far more appreciative and healthy relationship with Estp.Forget the theory in socionics...and I certainly dont believe in supervisor supervise relation between two of them -- Anonymous
A2 We met on the Internet and, with little communication, decided to meet at a public place the next day. We're both older and didn't want to waste precious time chasing rainbows. When we first met, I (INTj) was not physically attracted to her (ESFj) but I felt very comfortable with her so I proceeded, in my mind, as just friends. She said that she was physically attracted to me from the start. Quickly, she grew on me because there were no difficulties whatsoever and there was an unusual understanding of each others mind - they meshed in a cooperative fashion. We have many common goals but few common interests or approaches; however, we help each other immeasurably. We've been living together for 8 years even though I'm still not physically attracted to her but I have never had and couldn't have a better relationship. All of my past relationships, and there were many, primarily started from physical attraction but these burnt out within a year or two, or fizzled right at the start. To sum up our relationship in few words: we tolerate each others idiosyncrasies and baggage extremely well. -- Anonymous
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A3 I am a ESFj and my bf is INTj. At first we were just acquaintances and we weren't attracted to eachother. Then we became closer and now we live together and we ´ ve been together for 2 1/5 years. We are very close and it started really early in our relationship. We can go out together just the two of us and talk for hours. We enjoy watching series together, doing parties, talking about what we ´ ve learned in university. We feel very comfortable when arround eachother. I have many friends who are Enthousiasts like me and most of the time they feel some kind of restraint when arround their bf/gf. I on the other hand have never felt that way. My only complaint would be that my bf is not at all social or outgoimg so I always need to drag him out of the house. But it works great when we meet with our ESFj friends because he has a good understanding with them so it get's him out of the house 😀. One more thing I like to add is that we are very understanding of our own plans, wishes and aspirations althrough they are quite different. -- MB
A4 A1, when you and your estp breakup, come back and read that comment haha -- Lmao
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