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Question #1422397829Tuesday, 27-Jan-2015
Category: Socionics INFj j/p Functions
I am an INFJ. I took an official MBTI test several years ago, and several online tests since, with the same results (sometimes INFP online, but rarely). I have taken the the long version of the Socionics test here, and various other tests online, and I keep getting EII/INFj. People keep telling me this is not possible, that I must either be INFP/INFj or INFJ/INFp. I have also read that it IS possible. On online MBTI tests, my Ni is dom, but my next function is Fi (one example: Ni-Fi-Fe-Si-Ne-Te-Ti-Se), or my P/J percentages will be close (like 47 P, 53 J). Could this make it possible to be both INFJ AND INFj? -- Anonymous
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A1 IXXjs look at themselves objectively and do so often. They seem to always know why they do things (Socionics) and how they may appear to others (MBTI) and this objectivity can produce J/j in both sets of tests. It is not as easy for IXXps to be objective with respect to themselves and they will likely show up as IXXJs in MBTI tests. -- Anonymous
A2 As definitions for cognitive elements are different in Socionics and MBTI, particularly for Fi and Fe, it's quite possible that your type is INFJ (NiFe) in MBTI and EII/INFj (FiNe) in Socionics. It's often the case when introverted types are almost on the fence between J and P. BTW, such a twist of cognitive elements is the rule for introverted sensing types. I'm ISTP (TiSe) in MBTI and SLI/ISTp (SiTe) in Socionics. -- piccolo_michel
A3 Honestly I'd forget about the tests. They are a good place to start but I'd read the descriptions for both types in both MBTI and Socionics. For me the tests showed more want I wanted to be, or what I valued, or how I would make a decision rather than how I actually thought. If a real, in-person MBTI test is taken the first step is the taking of the test, but after part of the protocol is to look at the description, to talk to the administrator of the test, and decide for yourself. Disagreeing with the test or the administrator's assessment is an accepted part of the process because in the end the highest authority on the subject of you, is you. (You might be wrong of course, but presumably, in time, you'll figure that out too.) Also there are two subtypes to each Socionics type, so it is possible that you are, for example, an IEI who is stronger than normal in Fe, or a INTp Fe. Check it out, and again, read through the descriptions yourself. Finally remember these are all only models and not reality itself. It's interesting and useful to know "what you are," but no matter what, you are what you are, whether you know "What you are" or not. You know? Peace. -- CreepyGuyAtStarbucks
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