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Question #1419934928Tuesday, 30-Dec-2014
Category: Typing T/F S/N j/p Type me!!!
So, I have been just studying socionics and other psychology related stuff for about a year now (porbably). I first typed myself INTP and ISTP(not at the same time though). I though because I was so inactive and was on the computer all the that i had to be an N, and I didn't really think of feelings alot, I was unsure about what feelings was(I still am to some degree. After a while I found out about socionics and how i felt that it should be more accurate after reading a lot. Even though one of my main activites with MBTI was looking at picture charts and seeing what people(mostly fictional) had the same as mine. And that was a bit too bad since I couldn't really make it 100% accurate from socionics type to mbti. (I should probably mention that I never really settled on a type in both systems.) (also realizing that I am getting a bit out of my point) xD So when I went over to socionics the two types that fitted best to me was ISTp and INTp, but INTp was the one I chose over the other after reading some more -_-. And again I didn't 100% went for INTp since I am not really obsessed with time and the traits from except that I like to daydream (I don't know if I do it that much). I have always be very unsure about all the Information Elements and the Reinin dichotomies because I feel I don't know where they should fit in the functions (don't really know what I want or anything about myself). I can relate quite well to ENTp except the E. I am now seeking any forms of interactions with others, I am very Asocial (yes I know I and E doesn't just have something to do with being social.) Also to hyperactive for being me. Now, my favourite type is ENTp(at least one of the top 2(depends on what type I am), so... yeah... I am very Apathic, love logic, irony,and hate work(unfortunately). I wish I would do better at school, but no motivation. The reason I thought I was a T is because, I don't like people (I don't hate anyone), especially kids, I am neutral to about everything(don't take teams(maybe sometimes, idk)), not sensitive to critism or praise (at least not showing it). I could probably go on, but I am too lazy, and don't like writing long. Now I read about how many ISFp's mistypes themselves as INTp and ISTp I started wondering if this was my case. I understand that doesn't have to be that emotional, rather want to be comfortable in a comfortable atmosphere. I believe I rarely get angry (I VERY rarely show my anger). I think myself that I look emotional expressive which is something that I don't like that much, and trying to not be. As you can see I often wander off topic. Will you please help type me. And please ask questions, I didn't know all what to type. (I was about to say something in here, but I won't) Oh! I believe strangers that sees me probably think I look a bit grumpy? Maybe? -- Anonymous
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A1 Maybe reading about "small groups" can help you or philosophical motivations of types -- piccolo_michel
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A2 Actually I know many people of different types who need a lot of time alone at their computers, including me, and I'm an ESFp (have known that for 10 years now), so unfortunately I don't think that fact will help you determine your type. Because being an extravert doesn't automatically mean that you love people and being an introvert doesn't mean that you're shy. The best way to determine your type is IMO answer these two questions: 1) What's your happiest childhood memory? The moment you remember as perfectly happy, when the world seemed to be perfect, and you were allowed to be 100% yourself? As early childhood as possible. That helps determine your dominant and/or secondary function. For example, mine's walking in sunlit parks and pushing buttons to switch something on (like an electric train or a washing machine), and then watching what happens. I.e., perceiving the world around and influencing it in a physical way. I.e., extraverted sensing. While my intraverted sensing mom remembers sitting on warm dry soil and feeling it with her fingers. If you can't remember anything, perhaps your parents will tell you what used to get you smile most widely when you were 2-4 years old. 2) What's the quality that offends you most when someone think you have it? What makes you feel like the person doesn't know you AT ALL? "Stupid", "impractical", "insensitive", "without imagination", "without insight", "unaesthetic"? Mine's "absent-minded", because I totally rely on my extraverted sensing to be aware of what's happening around me all the time. My INFj sister's most terrible offence is "not imaginative", my ESFj friend's "not friendly". This also works the other way round - there is probably a negative trait that people usually don't see in you but when someone calls you that, you find yourself relishing in it for some unknown reason, and feeling "finally, someone who knows me". For example, I'm a nice person who tries to help everyone, but once I was called "aggressive" and I really enjoyed that. Extraverted sensing, again. Hope this helps. -- ESFp
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