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Question #1415561404Sunday, 9-Nov-2014
Category: Duality
What does duality actually feel like? From asking people, they told me that the 'dual' was their close friend. Some say they feel nothing that special. I've seen it happen, and well its what it was described the easiest relation to understand. Maybe im thinking it's the happiest thing ever, that makes it so appealing. I dont think ill feel it in my life, not even a dual or identical. But people just see their identicals and ignore them, like what!? they are YOU. whatttt? you should be like YESS my identical!! OMG its written in the stars, like how can you pass on that?!??! its like seeing your awesomeness alive?!??!?! -- anonwhoponders
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A1 All type combinations can co-exist in peace; however, duals seem to have a more natural ease with one another as opposed to a learned coexistence. They normally don't feel threatened by nor do they usually have to explain themselves to each other. What one does can usually be helpful to the other. They communicate easily. Neither feels a need to change who he/she is so comfort is felt by both parties. However, they may not agree with or like each other for a multitude of reasons. Every type has a dual lurking in the background (secondary functioning), well supressed but screaming to get out. A dual partner lessens the amount of screaming on the inside. -- Anonymous
A2 A1, spot on. I totally agree. Just adding that someone being your Dual type doesn't necessarily mean you'll click. Duality only covers compatibility of mental processes, ways of perception and probability of similar values, but there're MANY more aspects to people, like upbringing, interests, life experience, hormones etc. It also depends on which of your functions you prefer, like if you're an ENTp who likes to use his introverted thinking a lot, you probably won't click with ISFps who keep to themselves and prefer to use their Si, but with those who use their extroverted feeling. You have probably met many Duals already, only there weren't situations that would prove to you they're your Duals. They might be one of your friends, or the teacher you had no problem with, or the relative that sometimes gets on your nerves but all in all you quite like them. One has communication problems with one's Duals, too, but they're easier to resolve than with other types. And what's good about Dual relationships is that they usually get better with time. Having a Dual friend or partner with whom you really click is one of the best things that can happen in life. You appreciate that fully when you're up to your neck in a serious problem - Duals can cover your back like nobody else (except sometimes Illusionary and Activity types). Also, Duals can really achieve something together. Most of the creative duos in history were Duals. As to Identity relations - in my experience, if you meet an accomplished person who's the same type as you, it's great for learning what you can do with yourself. Identity relations help you realize who you are and recognize your abilities. That's why they're good for parent-child, teacher-student, idol-fan relationships. But they can't teach you anything outside yourself, about the outside world, and if they try, you somehow don't accept it, or it doesn't help you. After some time they inevitably become the sort of relationship where you criticize your friend/partner for doing something you actually do yourself. I've noticed that for some reason, communication with my Identity types is much less smooth than I'd expect. Also, Identity partners don't usually feel THAT much attraction to one another as some Activity or Dual types. There is more danger in Identity marriages that after some years, one of the partners will suddenly get inexplicably and uncontrollably attracted to someone nobody would think to associate them with (i.e., a Dual). I guess it's the screaming in the subconscious A1 described. -- Anonymous
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