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Question #1395409613Friday, 21-Mar-2014
Category: Dating ENTp ESFp Happiness
I am a ENTp who is in love with a ESFp. This would make a super ego relationship. I've read a lot about superego relations. Some writes that they are some of the hardest relationships to handle because of the difference. Others suggests that these kind of relationships are some of the strongest because they fulfill each other. Like in this article: What are your thoughts on this? -- Anonymous
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A1 I am ISFP and am married to my super-ego. It, for the most part, is a functional marriage but we do have frequent disagreements (family members say we "bicker often".) We are both introverts and spend ALL of our free time together, so that might have something to do with it. Also, I am not sure which problems are due to our interpersonal relationship and which ones are inherent to my SP preference for change/stimulation. The TL;DR is that it can be warm and friendly but I hardly think it's the best match. -- Anonymous
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A2 I tried, at first, to disprove the super-ego number but came to accept it. I think these relationships can be strong from a goal accomplishment perspective, which is most of what life is all about. There can be significant pitfalls (as with any relationship): Ijs may become too ambivalent toward of one another, Ejs may aggressively compete for centre stage; Ips may become too critical of one another; and Eps may become overly bored with the predictability of the other. Understanding and acceptance of your partner's behaviour is the key to relationship longevity of any pairing. Sexual attraction is independent of type and can grow old quickly. When analyzing the success of a relationship, one has to look at the total package and not just the aspects that irritate. Dual relationships can also fail. -- I/O
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