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Question #1395409604Friday, 21-Mar-2014
Category: ISTp Love
To ISTPs, I was wondering if there's something particular about ISFPs that allows you tho feel more comfortable expressing yourself? I ask because I am currently involved in a relationship with ISTP (and have had a couple of significant ones in the past) and have never noticed the "potential problem area" of miscommunication and guarded emotions. My S.O. matches the ISTP profile in every way, except that he's very warm and caring and vocal in expressing his feelings, even more so than I am. This has always been my experience with ISTP, even though I read completely differing accounts online. Thanks for any explanations you might give. -- ISFP?
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A1 My type is ISTp (SLI) and I'm absolutely not "cold". I'm also a "true" caregiver. But I HATE when people get emotional about everything. I have to think before I can express my deep feelings although I can often have strong outbursts of anger. -- piccolo_michel
A2 @ A1: Do you have any friends who are ISFPs? How do you interact with them?I think I'm kind of emotional but...I don't know, I guess my emotions are on the "same page" with the ISTPs I've known..or maybe they just let me think that?? lol -- Anonymous
A3 I have two ISFp friends. One is very close one, and the other is quite distant. Even so, communicating is very easy for some reason. It just seems like we've got a very very similar view on life. It makes me happy to encounter another person who shares the same views, and I'm compelled to open up more on these matters. As for problems regarding feelings, I don't naturally have what it takes to easen up their emotional problems/situations. It saddens me because I got a crush on one ISFp girl I recently typed. I'm disappointed that I couldn't give her everything she needs But I did try to give emotional advice to my ISFp friend. It felt like an achievement to accomplish it. But after a time, I felt overwhelmed and drained... and stressed out. Hahaha! -- Anonymous
A4 Thanks for answering. It's funny you said that about disappointing the ISFP because I've repeatedly expressed the same the same concern to my ISTP S/O, except that *I* (ISFP) think I'm the disappointing one (too boring, tho many expectations, too emotionally needy) -- original poster
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