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Question #1380574500Monday, 30-Sep-2013
Category: INTj ISTp Attraction Benefit and Supervision Relationship
What do ISTp's think of INTj's? I know we have the benefactor (INTj) - beneficiary (ISTp) relationship according to socionics, but in my real life experience as an INTj female I have a very hard time reading my ISTp male interest. It seems like he enjoys the time we spend together and then we lose contact for several months. -- INTj
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A1 INTj can easily damage ISTp's ego and they're all too aware of this fact, perhaps at a subconscious level, but retribution will likely come in a physical form. INTj is too much of a perfectionist for ISTj's own peace of mind. -- Anonymous
A2 Typo @ A1: ISTj is supposed to be ISTp -- Anonymous
A3 As an INTj female who has been together with her ISTp boyfriend for over 5 years... I can say that the benefactor/beneficiary dynamic is unfortunately, very accurate. My ISTp partner reveres me to the point that he thinks I can do no wrong, but I think I make mistakes all the time and just want some guidance sometimes. I have realised that the guidance does not have to come from my boyfriend, but from other friends and mentors. Before our relationship started, he did not do any of the chasing. He kept a cool distance and would only engage when it suited him. But once we started our relationship, he opened up completely and I would say we fell quickly in love. -- Anonymous
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