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Question #1380353880Saturday, 28-Sep-2013
Category: Duality ENFp ISTp Relationship
Im an ISTp female. I dated my dual for 1 year but broke up because we were too young to pursue marriage at the time. We didn't speak for 3 years (my doing) because being just friends hurt too much. Fast forward to today. We started speaking in January of this year and haven't gone a week without communicating in some way. He has made his romantic feelings about me clear to his friends and even my mother- but he won't tell me himself?? It's true that I am very hard to read and he's even the one that initiates contact 95 % of the time. I am very receptive to his constant invitations and such but how much longer until HE tells me how he feels?? It's almost as if he's waiting for something. Any advice ?? -- itscool
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A1 ENFp requires an absorbing and mysterious partner that needs to be constantly conquered and ISTp provides that fortress. Even when in love, ISTp often hides feelings under a mask of coldness. They both highly value harmony in all aspects of their lives and relations. The slightest dissonance with each other or others can plunge them into despair. Therefore, they often have a sense of dissatisfaction that leads them to actively seek ways of improving or changing their lives. Routine will reduce their energy toward the relationship. Both need independence and opportunities for creative work. Striving for harmony and constant development of their skills are their main stimuli in life. They become truly happy only when they have oneness of thought, activities, interests and aspirations. Only then can their love strengthen. Their love is fuelled by mutual care and responsiveness to the interests of each other. If this cannot be achieved, the relationship will fizzle. ENFp is great in the area of feelings and relations while ISTp knows the sensing side of intimacy. -- Anonymous
A2 I feel weird posting here essentially a year later But I'm an ENFP. I hope its already worked out for you two. Anyway the answer is he's scared as hell that you'll reject how he feels again. -- Anonymous
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