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Question #1345759761Thursday, 23-Aug-2012
Category: ENTp Brain
This is a question about creating mental constructions in your mind. It sounds vague but I can lead with an example that I once made, when reading a text book, I put all essential information into mental drawers and in each case there was four pieces of information. This would help me remembering the text book. I also remember in my younger years trying to construct a computer in my mind which would calculate things, hold information and do all kinds of things (I never got it to work though). What I want to know is if other ENTp's have had this kind of view of their inner mind as a landscape in which they could make these kind of constructions or modifications. I would like to know what kind of things you have done with your mind. The feeling is almost like when you realise you are dreaming: "Hey, I am the master of this realm. I can do *whatever* I want" -- Anonymous
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A1 I imagine things according to how they function and interact. My constructs aren't so much tangible objects, as the interactions of entities that I can build each entity out of. I imagine how it must act, and then I create an object out of that, continuously applying my creativity in until I achieve that result. I do create tangible constructs without any purpose, but I find it extremely hard to justify leaving thoughts unsaid/shared, and yet I often do anyways. The line I often use to shoot down pure imaginative ventures, is "If I already know it/have imagined it, what use is it to me?". When I see something, I instantly begin wondering at all the relationships it has with other things, and I cease to care about the object itself, beyond to hunt for clues. I recall when I was younger, that I had wondered at how a lock works, and how a steering wheel steers (and drew a primitive steering column). In my mind, I am 'me', that is, my mental landscape is what I identify with, and I know it well, and the outside is just a trivial set of inputs to analyze. Needless to say, I am very absent-minded, at least on the outside. According to the quick test, I'm ENTp, according to the fun test, I'm INTp. -- Anonymous
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