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Question #1340095325Tuesday, 19-Jun-2012
Category: ESTp INTj Relationship
The intertype relationship I understand the least = estp as the supervisor over intj. I have tried to wrap my mind around this & just can't for some reason. I only known intj & estp seperately & estps to me seem so shallow (obviously I have some sort of bias here & perhaps it is what keeps me from understanding the relationship) and limited whereas intjs seem so deep & perceptive, I can't conceive of an intj "looking up to" an estp. Any thoughts on this are appreciated. thanks -- Tricia (entp)
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A1 An ESTp that worked for me was excellent at noticing minute detail that I would tend overlook as an INTj. He was my best forensic problem finder in engineering although terrible when working at a systems level. He would try to get me to have his solutions implemented by someone else because he was terrible with follow-through so hated it when I held his feet to the fire. However, I considered his acute ability with detailed observation as a primary element that would make him a supervisor over INTj, especially in a dog-eat-dog world. -- I/O
A2 As an INTJ, I have to admit that ESTPs being the supervisor to INTJs are somewhat true. As much as I try not to be drawn in by ESTPs, I always think that they had some kind of charms that made me always look up to ESTPs. And ESTPs unconcsiously tends to look down on INTJs for being not very sociable and competent (on the outside), without even considering taking the time to know INTJs more, so I think that intertype relationship between ESTPs and INTJs is actually like a supervisor and supervisee. -- Anonymous
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A3 what is the "charm" that intj refers to when they are talking about estps? charming is one of the last attributes I've ever thought of in connection to them. -- op
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