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Question #1338588027Friday, 1-Jun-2012
Category: ENTp Functions
I'm an ENTP with a strong fe. I use both my fe and ti a pretty equal amount. What do other types think of ENTPs particularly the ones with fe. I also want to know what the ENTPs who uses less fes opinoin. -- Anonymous
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A1 What do I think of ENTps? I respect them and admire them, especially male ENTps, but we have different values and need to keep a distance. Well, a typical Super-Ego relationship. Just that I find the part about "heated arguments" funny because I've never had a heated argument with an ENTp. I think we both are too flexible and too fast to actually linger on a topic that we disagree about. Plus I've never seen an ENTp quarrell. I like this about ENTps, plus their fast thinking, imagination and non-conformity, charisma with some, sometimes also scientific and/or professional opinions. My ex-boss at the Department of Linguistics was an ENTp and he was the best boss in the world. Though I didn't agree with many of his values and personal opinions, in work matters we always agreed with each other. But there are also ENTps that I almost hate, namely two girls who are as different from me as it gets, and who were the only ones who tried to bully me at school. I think that's because being girls, they struggled to rely on their Fe - making them to conform at times, for example to fashion, at the time when I had already established my Fi values and inner world, which probably made me totally incomprehensible in their eyes. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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