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Question #1335793587Monday, 30-Apr-2012
Category: Type me!!! INFj INTj ISFj ISTj
I test intj, infj, istj and isfj. I'm sure of the I and J but I always score very low on s/n and f/t. I can see myself in all four of the descriptions and I'd really like to be able to figure out which one of those types that I really am. I'm a quiet person, don't usually have much to say. I'm more comfortable in a one on one situation than in a group. It seems I have a hard time fitting in anywhere. I'm neat and orderly, like to do one thing at a time, not a multi tasker, that's for sure. I care about people yet I keep my distance. I would never knowingly do or say anything to hurt anyone's feelings. Actually, I'm quite considerate toward others. I'm quite honest and would rather hear the truth than a lie anytime. I can be quite critical about things and people, even myself but I try to keep it to myself but usually the look on my face gives me away. I analyse everything way too much. I often see fault with people and things and tend to see things in a negative sort of way. I think a lot and come up with lots of ways to improve things yet I have a hard time to explain myself and when I try it just don't make a lot of sense to others. Hope someone can help me figure this out. -- Anonymous
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A1 According to the description of your personality, it sounds like IxFJ."I would never knowingly do or say anything to hurt anyone's feelings." It sounds like F. I think that you're a feeler but, like you said, a very low feeler, judging by the other habits you have. I don't know for the s/n part, do you have any other facts about yourself that could help us to figure it out? Can you picture you better in the ISFJ or the INFJ description? -- Marie
A2 ISFj,i think.... -- Anonymous
A3 I'm the poster of this question. A1, you asked for "other facts", that pretty much explains how I express myself, mainly with just facts, I always try to keep my feelings to myself. I'm not comfortable with emotional people, I never know what to do or say around them so I try to keep away from them when they are like that. I know it makes me seem uncaring but really I'm not, I do care. I usually don't have a lot of patience for people who don't come right out and ask for what they want or say what they really mean. I find it so annoying when they tell a long story and expect me to know what they want or what they want me to do for them. I don't like guessing at what they really want. I often get lost in thought, even around others. Sometimes I don't notice a lot of things going on because of that. I often end up just getting a "feel" of a situation because my mind wandered and I wasn't really paying much attention to what was going on around me. -- Anonymous
A4 I think you are INFJ, like me! The N is intuition - rather than listen in the nitty gritty details, you intuit your answers. I actually test as ISTJ sometimes too - and I think this is for two reasons; 1) I tend to work on my weaknesses because I am a perfectionist and 2) Different people bring out different sides to me, because I try to find common ground/empathsize with whomever I am with. -- Anonymous
A5 My guess ( about 70 percent certain) INFJ by overall description. ISFJ second choice. Def. not ISTJ and very unlikely INTJ. -- Anonymous
A6 ISFj for sure. INFj keeps less distance, INTj definitely can and will say nasty things and ISTj are good administrators who like to keep it so their instructions are carried out to the dot. To me it seems you are happy just to have been understood. INFj prefers to maintain peaceful atmosphere even if it is by lies lies and lies. INTj can and when ****ed off will have a sharp tongue. They also come to expect lies, but they can read the truth most of the times off people. They also have problems with facial expressions, the opposite to yours. Usually their even public feelings remain a secret. ISTj is very conservative about changing anything. New ideas, especially untested improvements sound like hogwash to them. As you said yourself you have plenty of new ideas. As ISFj you may also like to keep those people around who have proved to be useful or maybe those who have understood you on those idea pitching moments. You want to have clear instructions or orderly situations. You become anxious if things are not clear. Also other people with their faults try your patience. You'd never just give up on a project you have set out to do. This ISFj is so you isn't it. -- Ty M.
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