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Question #1334537825Monday, 16-Apr-2012
Category: INTp INFp ENFp E/I Advice
I am An INFp and I want to become an ENFp how do I do that, and I think I might be a cross between an INFp and an INTp how can I tell??? -- Stonr420c9
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A1 there are no crosses and no, you can't change your type. sorry. -- Anonymous
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A2 Yeah, A1 is right. And you can tell whether you're an INFp or an INTp by trying to figure out which kind of people do you like and need: cheerful, practical, self-confident, knowing what to do in most situations, not very much influenced by moods and athmospheres? (This was meant as a description of ESTps and then you would be an INFp.) Or people who are warm, sensitive, a bit provocative and fun to be with? (ESFps, INTp). Do you sometimes actively participate in making a friend (INFp) or do you let people befriend you after some time and after they passed your inner "test" (INTp)? And what would be a huge offense to you: being called insensitive (INFp) or irrational (INTp)? -- Ezis (ESFp)
A3 This is an interesting question. I'm an ENFp. My answer to you is learn to love your type, and try to meet one of your duals.. or personality types from your quadra, enfj or istj. Once you meet people like that, who need you to be who you are, you will realize that you like being yourself. It's great. The world needs a little bit of every personality type. Stay the way you are =] Try to bring out your strengths. INFps's have a magical quality about them, mixed with intelligence, it's romantic, endearing and they tend to be hilarious. -- Anonymous
A4 Hahaha... Are you a child, my friend? Being Extrovert or introvert is something that is part of your temperament. It can't change. Actually, It doesn't. Σ:-) -- INTP with a strong EN
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