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Question #1333612588Thursday, 5-Apr-2012
Category: Family Love Healthy Living Intertype Relations Parenting
This is a funny concept I have been thinking of lately. Anyone raising kids who they think might be their conflict socionics type? What is your experience with managing the relationship? -- Anonymous
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A1 You have the right perspective when you say "managing the relationship"; a parent should strive to be a diplomatic manager capable of coaching all types to be the best that they can be. One cannot accurately type a child. However, the adult has to realize that a child may never have the same viewpoint as the parent; and, it is the parent that has to be the open-minded one who adjusts expectations appropriately. A parent can still be a positive role model to a conflicting personality providing the parent is understanding, and doesn't threaten, belittle or bully. -- Anonymous
A2 Well I've been in conflict relationships myself a lot, and I can say that proper degree of steadiness always helps e.g. patience and good communication. -- :-)
A3 Study everything you can about the type you think your child is, observe the behaviour of their Duals, study the first function of their Duals and then try to communicate with them that way. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A4 My BF and his dad have conflict types (ENTJ vs ISFP). But fortunately his parents are in a dual relationship (his mom is ISFJ), I think their parents have such a good relationship that he has turned to be as balanced as he could and he has great relationship with both parents. But I can see that having a father figure, role model that is so different from his own personality, had caused him to lack a lot of confidence in his own abilities. I guess a boy will try to learn a lot from his father and both persocnalities with functions that are so different can unconsciously make him strive harder to do like his dad but never really succeeding and feel inadequate unconsciously. However I do think, it is manageable to raise well children that are of conflicting types. Having a balanced relationship with your spouse does help a lot. ENFP -- sophie
A5 I have to agree with A4. I think the success of the parents' relationship is more important that whether their children are conflicting personality types. One of my good friends is an INFj who has ENFj and ISTj parents. I think her parents' healthy relationship has shaped her into a very well-rounded individual. She and her parents recognize their differences, and there are occasional conflicts, but the love is definitely there. -- Anonymous
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