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Question #1331565223Monday, 12-Mar-2012
Category: Relationship Duality Happiness
INFp, head over heels for an ESTp. Going our own ways now, and there's a good chance we might have something again in future, but this does not work for INFps, who suck at moving on. Also what we suck at is just being with someone for the time-being, just living in the moment for now. We try, but we are constantly thinking about the FUTURE BIG PICTURE so even being happy with someone else in the meantime is hard because I'm thinking, if I will not BE with this other person, then what is the POINT? Regress into melancholy... Please help. -- INF:p
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A1 Well, it is easy to justify everything with the socionics type But the truth is that this is the case imo in which socionics messes. If you feel insecure, this is your inner problem and you just need to move your guts and work on it. What's more, no duality relation guarantees a perfect love relationship. In duality relation the types are very different and only rationality-irrationality is what is similar there. This means that those relations can be really hard and both people might never understand each other. The most important is common background, life experience, outlook on life and reality. If two people can't live together not knowing their socionics types, why suddenly should they do it when they learn they're duals? Personaly, I don't fell for ESFj. Mainly because I don't feel well with their and I feel more comfortable with another . And I think also that their makes me only suspicious about stability of their feelings. But of course if I met ESE I want, I wouldn't think twice. Just not because she's ESE... -- INTj
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A2 I think if an ESTp told me that he was uncomfortable with my , especially the one I am talking about, then it would definitely make me very insecure. We need to have faith in our dominant functions, at least. And that would include the dual-seeking agenda of our dominant functions. With though, it's common that people, males in particular, feel smothered and uncomfortable - even I feel that way with some women whose Fe is very strong/not mature enough. But if you meet an ESE with a mature and self-aware , I think you would prefer that over . That's what DEFINES duality - that even if you cannot make it work romantically, you still need that other person in an almost subconscious, self-completing way - poster of question -- INF:p
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