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Question #1329303000Wednesday, 15-Feb-2012
Category: Career INFp
What will be a good careere for an INFp? -- Anonymous
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A1 LOL most INFPs I know don't seen ti work at all. Apart from one teacher of creative writing. -- Anonymous
A2 I think any profession that benefits from human understanding. Maybe psychiatry, working out how to solve people's problems or teaching, working out how to deal with problem students, etc. Either that or the arts (I'm a musician, that has done a bit of teaching). -- Simon the INFp
A3 A1 an INFp at fact,i know *some* INFj who are disfuctional,but very few (1 or 2)INFps like that.we are too survival for that.i worked hard all of my life,and i dont like unworking people... -- Anonymous
A4 It depends on their enneagram. INFp 6 is going to be a lot different then INFp 3. -- Anonymous
A5 i think Cartoons arts, Drawing, writing novels, jurnalist, medicine, designer, fashion, marketing, any job alone and have imagination and makes your N swim in the worlds not seen good luck -- Anonymous
A6 I'm an INFP, and I and currently working toward a degree in packaging engineering. I like engineering for the visual and structural problem solving (probably from my Ne) but I don't want to have to sit down and calculate the structural integrity of say a bridge (something I bet someone with a strong Ti would be good at). I also love being creative and making art, but i feel a career in the pure arts is not profitable. I only like making art when I am inspired and making that my job and forcing myself to do that 40 hours a week would be stressful. Packaging engineering uses both engineering and applied art, and I can also make a difference in the world by being part of the new design movement of looking at the product in terms of product life span and making things like industrial LED light bulbs more recyclable by making the packaging easy to take apart and extract the valuable metals and such inside. I also plan to minor in game design so I can make my own indie games as a hobby. That also brings me to what I want in a job. If I was thinking only of m yself, I would just go and buy a hippie bus and be a traveler, but I know that one day I want to be a father and a husband, which I feel is my calling and I need some way of making money because children are expensive and being poor is stressful for a marriage and I want to buy my family good things. In a sense I think I would be happy in any job that uses some of my strengths and supports my dream. My advise is to figure out what gives you meaning and what you want from life from a spiritual level and then decide your career off of that. Some INFPs like to be religious teachers or writers but to say that that would be good for you would be, i feel, to stereotype human existence. I have also heard that some INFPs like to be entrepreneur so the can choose a work they want and not have to deal with the corporate bull****. -- Sindri
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