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Question #1327533745Wednesday, 25-Jan-2012
Category: E/I Typing
Do you decide Introvert vs. Extrovert based on how quiet, reserved a person is, or on how a person seeks out other people and is sociable? Someone who is quiet, reserved, a listener, but actively seeks out other people and doesn't like to be alone? It seems like a contradiction, maybe I'm not educated enough. -- Anonymous
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A1 Actually the older a person is, the less prominent introvert or extrovert. Extroverts often become quieter and introverts open up when they reach some 20-25 years of age. Especially p types usually don't fit the general concept of what an extrovert and introvert looks like - Eps sometimes appear introverted and Ips extroverted. And there are introverts that seek other people's company and extroverts who like to be alone, yes. The level of quietness doesn't help, either, because my fahter is an ISFj but when he starts talking about his favourite topic, he gets louder and louder. There are two ways to tell: 1) what's your dominant function? You can determine it by finding out what quality gets you totally livid if someone thinks you have it because you KNOW 100% that you're NOT like that. For example, I get really angry when someone calls me absent-minded because my first function is Se and that means being perfectly aware of what's going on around you all the time. Also, what's your early childhood memory that makes you happy instantly and you feel "that was the moment when the world was perfectly OK". 2) to realize what gives you energy - being alone or with one person, or with more people? At parties where you feel more or less comfortable, are you the one filled with more and more energy or the one who decides to leave early or to end the party? I'm an ESFp and I simply love being alone or with one person, I don't like to meet new people, but it's in company of more people where I really "shine" and "re-charge my battery". -- Ezis (ESFp)
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