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Question #1323615718Sunday, 11-Dec-2011
Category: ENTp ESTp Typing Theory Functions
I tend to type either as an ESTp or an ENTp. The confusion for me is that I do show many of the ENTp's tendencies, but I also show proficiency in many tactical skills that would seem to be more favored by the Sensing functions, such as, Martial Arts, Marksmanship etc... (Although I pretty much suck at organized sports). I'm also proficient with tools and I can often figure out how to fix things without much prior knowledge. As a child I would sit in class and draw pictures and not do my school work, but when we would have a test I usually scored high relative to the other students. I would often read a lot of informational books about things like animals, dinosaurs or things related to space. I often got frustrated reading these books because they never seemed to give enough information. Any feedback would be helpful. Comments from the moderator are particularly welcome. -- Anonymous
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A1 you might be an EXTp ... it's a good thing tho. cuz you're pretty balanced in the intuitive/sensor area. -- INFp
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A2 There is no such type as EXTp, there always is a preference of either S or N. But with some people the preference of one is only a bit stronger than of the other so it's hard to tell. There are very intelligent ESTps capable of fast abstract thinking - I know a professor of mathematics who's a textbook example of an ESTp. There are also ENTps whose abstract thinking is limited and who excell at sports. Mind you, the N or S preference is only partly connected with intelligence and physical abilities. Yes, S people tend to be good at sports, in office routine and with tools, while Ns are more frequent at universities, but it is by no means something that works all the time. I'm an ESFp, very much Se, and yet I'm a scholar writing an encyclopaedia. Your type determines your preferences, not your abilities. And if the athmosphere in your family is focused on the functions that are connected with your abilities, not your preferences, or you get positive responses when using your abilities, you of course want to develop them even more, you often succeed and you become almost as comfortable with them as with your preferences. Sometimes only time shows what's more natural to you. I always was "the smartest kid in the class" and nobody thought of other than academic career for me, but at university it turned out that though I was not much worse a student than the rest and I even excelled in some areas, still it would take more time and effort for me to study and understand abstract theories than for some other students, and I would run more and more often from the books to physical activities I had so far neglected. It was such a relief when I realized I was an ESFp and can, but needn't be a professor. I now prepare for a career of a dance teacher after I finish the encyclopaedia project and am very happy. But my brains are so active I also need to "work with my head", so I'll be a translator parallel to dancing. Sorry for such a long story, hope it helps... If you want to determine your S / N preference, try thinking 1) what quality makes you totally livid if someone thinks you have it, and makes you think the person doesn't know you at all? That helps to determine your first or second function. I, for example, totally hate it when someone calls me "absent-minded" because I'm Se and we of course are perfectly aware at all times what's happening around us. My INFj sister is afraid of someone telling her she has no imagination because her creative function is Ne. 2) What's your childhood memory that fills you with instant happiness? Preferably very early childhood. That determines your first function because that's the function you rely on as a small child. My Si mother's is sitting on fresh warm soil in the garden. Mine are several clear visual images of objects of daily use I made into toys (washing-machine, technical plaquets on houses, and especially buttons I could push ) and the feeling "the world was so much more beautiful when you could play with things without any responsibility, provoke them and find out what they do." -- Ezis (ESFp)
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