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Question #1320962571Thursday, 10-Nov-2011
Category: INFp Religion INFj
Are INFp's ( )are usually spritual and tend to be religious and to bellive in supernatural (or so they are to scapticl for that?)? and what about INFj's ( )? -- Anonymous
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A1 Not me... -- Simon the INFp
A2 I follow my own religion. The church is just an introduction. -- Anonymous
A3 I am INFP and consider myself neither spiritual nor religious. I do find wonder and glory in the world, and even get weepy over it sometimes! But I consider this just my own feeling and emotions and not a "spiritual" experience. I never found anything emotionally satisfying in religion in the long run, and found it too limiting intellectually. I've met other INFPs who are also neither spiritual nor religious. IN fact, I've never met one who is that I know. I think INFPs can actually be a lot more ruthless and logical than the touchy-feely personality descriptions let on. INFP - Enneagram 4 -- Anonymous
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A4 INFps, in my experience, have very strong beliefs about life in general. It is a trait of Ni, which tries to see the patterns in experiences, and internalizes those understandings. I know this because I am INTp and have known INFps. I can identify INxp views in music because they are usually very perceptive and metaphorical compared to the music prevalent in pop. Check out Florence + The Machine for an excellent example of INFp song writing, and I'm fairly certain that Staind sings INTp written songs. INFp is usually very symbolic in understanding life, and as a result, can have very developed spirituality. INTp is very similar, but tends to focus more on the objective side of understanding life. As an INTp, I feel the need to make sense, so my spirituality, though somewhat based upon Buddhism and Gnosticism, is based more upon psychological principle and life lessons than anything else. is just very fertile ground for developed beliefs about the world. I find that INFps do not feel obliged to keep their practical, though some do anyways. In an INTp though, I find that interferes and asks 'are these beliefs based upon reality, or imagination?'. In my experience, is very speculative, almost jumping at interesting things, but in an INFj, it is subdued by , and by nature, itself is very objective. It prefers to speculate about objects and possiblities and enjoys change. It subdues which sees much deeper into possibilities and begins to realize that things don't change. I find that I grow bored of my ENTp friends, because they are constantly enthusiastic, taking more of a 'sci-fi' speculative approach to things, seeing them as interesting simply because they are unique. For my , I am only interested if the object evokes ideas and realizations. In essence, I do not imagine INFj as very fertile ground for spirituality, but some INFjs may be religious and follow a faith. , however, makes its own 'religion' (a set of beliefs about life), and that, in my opinion, is what makes it very fertile ground for spirituality. For me, having to guide my , I have become an agnostic christian, with strong influences from faiths that believe in inner clarity. -- Aaron, the INTp
A5 Here we go: Basically, some types are more likely to turn to religion, but regardless of the type, they each approach it for different reasons. In my experience, rationals tend to be religious (prescribing to widely held belief systems), and irrationals are usually spiritual (making their own beliefs). Introverts tend to focus upon religion being consistent with their beliefs, whereas extroverts usually make their beliefs consistent with their religion. This is not always true, but it is due to the nature of extroversion/objectivity, and introversion/subjectivity as defined by Jung. -- Aaron, the INTp
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