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Question #1319111272Thursday, 20-Oct-2011
Category: Stereotype
What type is God? I was thinking INFp: Introverted because a lot of patience and time on your own is needed to create a universe; Intuition because I think God has to know what is right without even thinking about it; Feeling, because Gods should be compassionate, and Perceiving because God should be able to react to any adverse situations that may come up. -- Simon the INFp
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A1 Reverse-engineering God?... Interesting endeavour, but I think (read: know) that this quest has to fail monumentally, even within the most generous and wildest conceptual tolerances. Think of the variables. 'The postulate' God in itself is highly challenged, not to mention which God, etc etc. -- ENTp
A2 God do not have a type,it's ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To creat a world and it's people you should be all together...and more!!!I'm shure you don't whant to change whit God,although you may think you are perfect!!Wow,you realy irritate me now!!!!!how can you don't.How do tou don't ashamed????? -- INFp
A3 E because one has to be involved in the creation of the universe opposed to having time on your own, I because as you said, T because God has far-reaching plans in mind nor is he necessarily always compassionate. In fact he's often portrayed as quite ruthless and the imperfect world we live in obviously lacks in F. and he is also J because he is unbending in his decrees, once more plans ahead, and seems more of a stratagist. Therefore, ENTJ - the Pioneer and Enterpriser is most likely. -- Anonymous
A4 What type is satan then? I read a few pages on personality disorders and sadistic type was extraverted, prone to daydreaming, callous and highly conscientious.... So ENTj?? -- Simon the INFp
A5 With Satan being a worrying enemy, maybe god has paranoid personality disorder?? I can't remember the profile for that type, though, and I can't find the page... -- Simon the INFp
A6 God would have to be XXXx since it is said that all humans are created in His image. We, as humans, simply chose preferences, creating our types. Besides, you'd have to be balanced to be a successful god. If not, then bias comes into play. As for Satan, if I remember right (I'm not very religious), he tried to overrun Heaven with his music and gained a following. That seems EN to me. He seems like the plotting type to me, making me see j. As T vs F, I'd say Satan is neutral. He tries to turn people against God using logic AND feelings, along with tons of other stuff. So, for Satan, I get ENXj. Hears an interesting one. Anyone wanna try to type Zeus? -- Vira Q. (a high school INTj)
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