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Question #1318159508Sunday, 9-Oct-2011
Category: Theory Stereotype
Which type(s) make the worst enemies/most formidable opponent(s)? In my unfortunate experience - ESTJ( plain frightening authority) ENFJ ( manipulates from the shadows/a type of human dynamite) INTJ ( the universal evil mastermind), ISTP ( always the type of the guy who creams me at work) posted by INFP -- Anonymous
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A1 Are you talking about socinics or about the MBTI? Baced on my personal experiance-Fj's (at socionics) are like that.They are very subjective,and know how to to hurt does they don't like.If they don'n like you-so you have a problem,especially if they are on a position of power.Sorry ! -- Anonymous
A2 My ex-girlfriend is an ENFJ. She once told me "I made you attracted to me". She is studying business now and I have no doubt she would ruthlessly and passionatly manipulate and eliminate any business competitors. - INTJ -- Marcus Qualmann
A3 It partly depends on what type you are. I wouldn't think of ISTps but you being their Super-Ego, you might have problems with each other. You don't mention ISTjs but for me, they're the worst enemies - being my Instructors, they see my weak points immediately. I think that Ts in general make worse enemies because they're more prone to lack of empathy. Also ENFjs because when they decide somebody's a bad person, they deliberately lose the empathy and are able to turn their life into hell. What I'm certain of is that Fis - INFjs, ISFjs, ENFps and ESFps - make "the best enemies" because they like peace with everyone. When they don't like someone, they avoid them, so they'd make the worst enemy only in case you needed their presence for some practical reasons and they kept running away from you. Btw., are you sure the people you know manipulating from the shadows are ENFjs? All ENFjs I know are very obvious, even passionate about what they're doing. When they like someone, they say so, when they hate someone, they make themselves pretty clear about that too. I'm not sure about INTjs being the universal evil mastermind, either - that's a popular notion but in reality, they might be the ones manipulating from the shadows but most INTjs I know are frank and kind-hearted. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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A4 The provocative ESTJ (talkshow host) and the irritable ISTP (talkshow guest) can be formidable opponents. Jeremy Kyle meets his match.

-- jgbr
A5 jgbr, Are you saying Jeremy Kyle is an ESTJ? -- ESTJ Female
A6 A5: Are you surprised at it? -- jgbr
A7 I can't believe it. -- ESTJ Female
A8 He might not be and ESTJ, but he sure did meet his match. -- Kawarren-INTP
A9 The super-ego conflict between two types is a bitter struggle. These conflicts can become especially nasty and there is no clear winner at the end. The film Gladiator is an example. Commodus (introverted sensor, the inspector) fights for the protection of his public-image from the threat of a popular leader. Maximus (introverted intuitive, the empath) attempts to defend himself from the endless series of life-threatening situations.

-- jgbr
A10 Any type can be formidable to another individual providing he or she has the intelligence, power, will and or need to best the other. Type has little to do with determining a winner. -- Anonymous
A11 Apocalypto is a 2006 American epic action-adventure film directed by Mel Gibson. Set in Yucatan, Mexico, during the declining period of the Maya civilization, the film depicts the journey of a Mesoamerican tribesman who must escape human sacrifice and rescue his family after the capture and destruction of his village.

APOCALYPTO - "The Escape" The marauder leader, Zero Wolf (ENTJ) takes the captives to a ball court. The captives are released in pairs and forced to run the length of the open space within the ball court, offering Zero Wolf's men some target practice. Middle Eye (ISTJ) cynically promises them freedom should they reach the end of the field alive. Zero Wolf's son, Cut Rock (ESTJ), is sent to the end of the field to "finish" any survivors. The raiders target the runners with atlatls, arrows, and large stones. The first pair are Jaguar Paw's (ENFJ) last living friends, Smoke Frog (ESTP) and Blunted (INTJ). Smoke Frog (ESTP) is struck by a heavy stone, then finished off by Cut Rock (ESTJ) while Blunted (INTJ) is impaled through the stomach by a dart launched with an atlatl. Next up are Jaguar Paw (ENFJ) and the refugee leader(INFJ) from the beginning. Although they almost make it, the refugee leader(INFJ) is shot through the head with an arrow and Jaguar Paw (ENFJ) is shot in the waist with another arrow although he is able to break off the arrowhead... -- Anonymous
A12 I agree with A10 but something's been bothering me. Why does everyone say INTj's are Evil Masterminds? What is it about their type that makes them so devious to people? -- A harmless INTj
A13 I can usually keep peaceful relationships with my enemies, but not one ENTj that I know. He just won't leave me alone. He constantly asks "why don't you like me?" during the worst possible moments, manipulates me, and tries to turn my friends against me. He's the only person I know who just won't leave me alone. -- ISFp
A14 A12: I think that's because they're N and their thinking is introverted - that means, it's independent of generally accepted rules and they are able to create a plan without anyone knowing anything about it. But that's it - they can use these abilities for any kind of goals, both good and bad. If they choose an evil plan, they're very good at creating and sticking to it (unlike, for example, us ESFps, who have problems creating and sticking to any plan, be it good or bad). Which, I think, was Hitler's case (but not everybody would agree, so take this with a pinch of salt). That might be the reason why people refer to INTjs as the Evil Masterminds. They have the capacity for it, but unless their Fe gets really, really, really messed up during their childhood, they don't use it. As I wrote here earlier, I know several INTjs (three of them are my relatives) and they're perfectly amiable - reliable, calm, patient, intelligent, sincere, modest and not very open, but friendly. Actually, I suspect that one of the best film directors in my country today, who is an active Christian and makes very good films with kind of a warm atmosphere that both children and adults enjoy, is an INTJ . IMO with ITjs, it's a lot about their Fe: if its needs are fulfilled, they become warm-hearted, loyal people - let's say, good people in the purest sense of the word. And if not, they can get "evil". -- Ezis (ESFp)
A15 Quasi Identity Conflict, Neither do they see each other as equal. Each opponent sees the other as less capable than themselves, hence less talented. The artisan is impulsive, quick and very confident in operating his weapon. The inspector gains the same experience through tireless practice. The artisan forgets the past and moves on easily, but the inspector has a very long memory and remembers the misdeeds. Once Upon A Time in the West, (Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda)

-- Anonymous
A16 Quasi-identity Conflict(Inspector vs. Artisan) "Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it is to be´╗┐ a slave.", "With time, all those memories will be lost. Like tears in rain." Blade Runner (Rutger Hauer, Harrison Ford)

-- Anonymous
A17 Super-ego conflict between introverted judgers in The Dark Knight Rises. Bane versus Batman

Nevertheless the reality is stranger than fiction.... -- Anonymous
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