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Question #1316860935Saturday, 24-Sep-2011
Category: Relationship ENTp ENFp ENFj INFp
I'm INFp, intuitive subtype, and my best friends have always been either ENFj, ENFp, or ENTp. Out of these 3, I find ENFjs rather square and conformist. So that leaves ENTp and ENFp, both dominant . INFp's relations with these types are not great - illusionary and contrary, respectively. And I'm not saying I disagree with the socionics description of relations, either; in fact my experience has been the same. And yet I still like these 2 types the most. Why? Does it have something to do with intuition being more comfortable with other intuitives? -- swirl
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A1 Hi! I'm INFp,too (but feeling subtype). I always had ENFps & ENTps friends.I still like them,but in close relations i often get disappointed (and i sure they also...).About ENFjs-i know some who are very open! (probably those who are ENFP's on the MBTI).They are great people.I agree whit you that ther is somקting very special in the interaction between partners who share the same dominant function.But "special" do not alwats means "good" (although there are always some good sides.i learned from these types a lot).Of course,there is no need to finish these friendships if it's work!but way not to try also oter types?what about some ISTjs and ESTps? -- Anonymous
A2 Yes to simplify things I left my relationships with ESTps out of it.. I have in fact experienced duality before with both a boy and a girl.. But to be honest INFps do not just meet ESTps and kick it off. The girl ESTp in question happens to be my cousin, and while we were forced to spend some time together we were both completely taken aback by how well we got along. And the guy I got to know only because he was the friend of a friend, and we HAPPENED to spend a lot of time together. Otherwise, an INFp and ESTp are simply cannot be found in the same places, doing the same things. I guess my point is, out of the people I meet on a normal basis, only the extraverted intuitives appeal to me (ENFp, ENTp). In general other introverts are very boring, and other sensors are very shallow. This is my very frank opinion, but I WANT to be more open and like other types.. -- swirl
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A3 Ammm....extraverted intuitives appeal to you because they can see that you have some things in common.Most oter types do not have such a strong intuition so they just past by... But sure you can meet some ESTps! They go to the same places like you...such as work, studies,social meeting etc..You stil live in the same keep your heart open,nothing else! -- A1
A4 Lol, thanks for your optimism A1, it is appreciated. But I wonder, what what have been your experiences with ESTps, where and how did you meet them? As for me, I don't think we live in the same world at all...Right now I work in the social service sector, at the kind of org where you get to know other people doing field work with you really well, and there are NO ESTps here, they would never be doing a job like this. The overwhelming types are ENFj, INTj, and (to a lesser extent) ENxp. I myself am a huge exception, and so are the few ENxps, which is probably why I like them. I will say, however, that the older, more well-rounded ENFjs are a lot of fun - almost like being with an extraverted sensor, but without the risk factor. But it's not like I just came across these types when I started working - I feel like I have been surrounded by these types since high school. I am definitely comfortable around them, feel smarter than most of them, and once in a while when I come across an ENxp, I feel more or less understood and we have some good laughs. But the extraverted sensors always HAVE inhabited a different world, they are usually, for lack of a better word, "cooler," if not smarter. And this distinction in itself is enough to keep us apart in most normal social interactions. Which leaves only exceptions and chance encounters - but I would love to hear you POV. -- swirl
A5 Parties,social groups,work...mybe you sould just try to know more pepole.In some places that I go there are no ESTps because they don't seem to be interested in things like that,it's true.I had few relationships (romantic and not) whit them since higth scool -- A1
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