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Question #1316678794Thursday, 22-Sep-2011
Category: Leadership Stereotype
Which type, in your opinion, makes the best leader, especially in today's competative Western-world environment? -- Anonymous
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A1 ENTj -- Anonymous
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A2 There are all kinds of leaderships - political, financial, working, spiritual leadership, leading in arts, sports... And almost all types, maybe except for ISFs who usually don't want to be leaders, possess some qualities that make them a good leader in some of the categories, but not all. A1 is right in that ENTjs have traits that make them suitable for the leader role in many of the categories I named, but not all: they're usually not good at leading children or in the immediate boss role. I also don't see them as dance group leaders, and as spiritual leaders, they can excell on paper (Christian writers) but in reality, be too arrogant and/or practical. As to the specific activities: for example in politics, an ENTp or ENTj could be a good leader, because they have novel ideas and they're good in discussions, or an ESTp because they know their goal and are able to keep the party together, or an ESTj or ISTp because they can be hard-working and good administrators and diplomats. In a work environment, I'd want an ISTp or INTp to be my boss out of the reasons stated above, plus they'd probably set an example by working no less than others and kind of being like one of the employees themselves. An ENTj would be good in planning future work and predicting possible problems or achievements (the same reason I'd vote for them as financial leaders) and fun to work with, unless they were arrogant. My boss is an ENTp and he's a good boss, too - he's also fun to work with, he doesn't look down his nose at anyone and nothing is impossible for him, he solves every problem with lightning speed. In sports, ENFjs and ESTps are good leaders, maybe also other types. In administration, ESTjs and ISTps are the best. In arts, the best teachers, choir conductors etc. I knew were ENTjs and ESFps, and the best film directors I know about are INFps and INTps. I'd choose an ENFp or ESFj to conduct small children's activities, and the best spiritual leaders might be INFps, ENFjs and ENFps. And yeah, the Western world in general is quite competitive, but that is only true about some of the specific acitivities, while others don't need a leader who's able to deal with competition at all. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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