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Question #1316075845Thursday, 15-Sep-2011
Category: Personality INFp Stereotype Statistics Typing
Which type is best? (Please, no obvious answers like INFps or similar types) -- Simon the INFp
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A1 Simon the INFP, it's not a competition. It's a matter of uniqueness. -- Anonymous
A2 definitely enfp lol -- Anonymous
A3 NO type is EVER the best overall. Some are better at some things, and others at others. -- Anonymous
A4 People think INFp is the "best", but they drive me crazy; my brother is INFp and I'm INFj. We share a room. It's a disaster. I don't feel any particular personality is best. -- Anonymous
A5 It depends what you mean by best. Do you mean best at survival if stuck on a desert island, or best at adapting to changing situations or best at making friends in new social settings or best at surviving the economical crisis. I think every type is best at something or we wouldn't have survived as a species. --
A6 >>I think every type is best at something or we wouldn't have survived as a species<< I just couldnt resist: based on a shallow survey of what has been going on around us for the past 5 decades or so, and the respectively alarming rates of directions and magnitudes, it is highly questionable if we ever will. -- ENTp
A7 A6 I don't we are more violent as a species now or in the last 5 decades than we have in the distant past. In fact I think people are more accountable now due to everybody filming everything. -- Anonymous
A8 In A5, the things I have suggested that might be important for being the 'best' at might only be highly valued by some personality types. As there is not much call for surviving on a desert island these days. If you're an INFP you might value being the best at creative thinking and marketing which is best for modern society. Or you might just really value what your dual might be 'best' at. -- Anonymous
A9 A7; I didnt talk about violence, I talk about incompetency in administering our best efforts for the optimum outcome for the species in general. Or more bluntly spoken: The relaxed attention span towards necessary corrective measures for obtaining survival at all. And I was conservative. Wieved along a more extended timelime, the product of respectively sources of applied concerns, is even more alarming. -- ENTp
A10 Yes, how we survive is rather like a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma 'Phew'. -- Anonymous
A11 In the beginning of my socionics era, 02/2008, I thought that since ESFjs seemed the most social of the types, they were "on top of the Socion", and hence the "best" type. -- ENFp
A12 The best at WHAT, exactly? -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
A13 Repost A12. This question is so vague... An INFP wouldn't be the best in Logical scenarios, as proven by this question. And an INTJ wouldn't be the best at being Tactful, as proven by my response. This question negates the whole purpose of types. Preferences... heard of it? Everyone thinks their type is the best; it's YOUR preference. It's formed based on what is most valuable to YOU. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
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