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Question #1316033344Wednesday, 14-Sep-2011
Category: ENTp Advice
tips for an entp (female) undergoing a great deal of stress ? how can i avoid typical entp weaknesses that happen when they are stressed? thankyou -- Anonymous
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A1 Don't do things to "save face." As in, don't look at the situation entirely through , and feel like you need to present everyone with a actually-the-glass-is-half-full scenario. You don't need to present anything, just take time to think things through. Don't look down on your friends. -- Anonymous
A2 'You don't need to present anything'... Could'nt be emphasized too often. -- ENTp
A3 my problems have to do with serious health problems of my own and loved ones. Will everyone immediatly "get" how im feeling or where im coming from without me having to "present anything"? should I just assume this? -- OP
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A4 It depends on what you want from them. Of course, if nothing is said, in a situation where you need symphaty ( and want it), a certain kind of presentation of the general situation and it's premises, is necessary. Or else, we face two options: 1: You present emotional distress to some extent, but says nothing about why, then the interlocutor has to guess what is going on, and probably process up some wild and misleading guesses, or 2: You do not present distress, but still want symphaty as described, solutions etc, then obviously nothing will ever happen at all, beyond pure conversation in other topics. Of course, the are quite some sharp feelers who can pinpoint your things, but do not depend on such, you can strike any type imaginable. I dont know if this is an ENTp thing, but when I have been ill, as in doctor-need-to-attend kind of ill, I have very often needed to swing the big hammer to be taken seriously. As a doctor told me. ''but you look so strong.'' Yes, and I am so sick. I dont know it any of this applies to you, but if it is, then, yes: in case of symphaty, understanding and solution orientation, your source of distress has to be adressed in clear verbal explanations. Often with quite fierce elements of persuation to be taken seriously. That has to be something with the NT's poor performance with external emotional presentation-. But determination, we handle quite that quite well. Hope this helps. -- ENTp
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