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Question #1315939947Tuesday, 13-Sep-2011
Category: Appearance INFj
What do you feel about the EII or INFj type, and why? I am one, and i would like to know how do i appear to other types. Please give me detailed, and honest descriptions. Thank You -- Kristi
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A1 ENFJ girl - my 4 EII friends appear to share the same humanitarian concerns as myself but in a more laid back and contemplative sense. They are the ultimate peacemakers. I percieve myself as more outreaching but them as more profound.They can be talkative at times but usually they are pretty quiet and reserved. They are expert psychologists and observers of human relations. They try to avoid conflict in all circumstances, maintaining a high sense of dignity and fairness in the judgements. They are also intellectuale exhibiting a genuinely caring sense of duty toward their loved ones and friends. We studied at school together and they always excelled in history, literature and essay-writing in general. They weren't as good at maths and logic. I really love my INFJ friends. The only thing they lack for me is passion or a kind of drive, so to speak. They are too calm at times, too busy " watching from the shadows' and seem sometimes too timid for adventures. They have ideals but they would never actually fight for them the way i would. Other than that they are amazing people with unfathomable consiences. P.S. I'm Russian and the prototype for EII is Dostoyevsky. Having went through all his major novels i agree that they are packed with very distintive EII characters ( protagonists Prince Myshkin from "the Idiot", Sonya Marmeladova from " Crime and Punishment" and Alexei Karamazov from " The Brothers Karamazov') check them out sometime to see how you relate. -- Anonymous
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