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Question #1315739072Sunday, 11-Sep-2011
Category: ENFj Stereotype Intertype Relations
Which type is the most sociably adaptable? I mean, which type has the ability to make friends or at least talk frictionless with the majority of the other types. My guess is an ENFJ -- Anonymous
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A1 In my experience ENFPs are the fluid in relationships. ENFJs tend to "thearpize" others. They are often liked, but can be seen as opinionated. ENFPs tend to go with the flow and aren't very pushy on others. -- Anonymous
A2 Generally EFs, and many Fps will IMHO tend to have this ability, but it also depends a lot on other aspects like the environment the person grew up in. Even within one EF type there are huge differences as to the level of need to socialize. Actually the person I know has least problems talking freely to anyone and also manages to be modest and sensitive to others' needs is an INFj. -- Ezis
A3 enfp -- Tricia
A4 ESFP and ENFP are, in my experience, the fastest making friends. But they don't always keep them. -- Anonymous
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A5 INFp is the most socially adaptable, as in, can fit in anywhere. They won't do this for the joy of socializing though. They'll do it as a time pass. -- Anonymous
A6 agree whit A4 -- Anonymous
A7 A4 and A6: With us it's more complicated, actually. We usually have no problem talking to anyone, or keeping anyone happy, come to that. Unless we are a strong Fi subtype or we dislike the person. But we usually don't consider people we talk to our real friends. And after some 20 or 30 years of age we become kind of like INTps, in the sense that we create a group of friends and we'd be happiest if it stayed that way until we die - nobody falling out, and also nobody new coming in. Making new friends sounds like hard work to us. And we become really, really loyal to our oldest friends and interested in the quality of our present-day relationships and almost oblivious to any potential new ones. So we can confuse people sometimes, because we can chat about this and that, smile, laugh and make jokes, be ready to help, but when the person deduces we are friends now, they discover to their horror that we were being friendly just for the sake of pleasant athmosphere, not friendship. This principle works also for ISFjs, only they're not so willing to chat with anyone, and for ENFps, who are much more willing to make new friends. But only from time to time, when the mood strikes. Due to Fi, we all feel best with our old friends and people we share values and opinions with. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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