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Question #1312393122Wednesday, 3-Aug-2011
Category: Appearance Celebrities Career ENFj Intuition
what type is Jordon Belfort "the wolf of wallstreet"???? He was a connector on wallstreet/motivator,could manage large businesses with people-based finding new opportunities, ENFJ?? "They could have this much desire and i could amplify this" -- Anonymous
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A1 Obviously an ESTP. wheeler dealer, "connector" as you describe -- Anonymous
A2 Jordan Belfort, American author, motivational speaker and Entrepreneur, (MBTI: INTJ), (Socionics: Robespierre), Mastermind, Analyst, Conceptualizer, even-tempered, calm, and unsentimental. The most independent of all the types. Faith in their inner vision can move mountains. Problems only stimulate them, the impossible takes a little longer. etc. -- jgbr
A3 Robespierre was clearly an INFP. His greatest talent was rhetorical. He could persuade crowds, had utter certainty of vision, but really had talent for little else. Also, he haplessly allowed himself to be sabotaged politically, which led to his beheading. Both sound awfully like an INFP. A Mastermind would have never had these traits. Belford clearly ESTP - the "Wolf" is only the first sign. When does anyone call a INTJ a wolf? For ESTP, his middle name.. -- Anonymous
A4 but he reminds of antony robbins in the way he talks and his guestures (ENFJ) but yes estp because his history was of excessive sensate activities, living the fun life,etc, -- Anonymous
A5 I can only repeat the fact. Jordan Belfort is Mastermind (MBTI: INTJ), (Socionics: Robespierre). "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Video: ESFJ & INTJ discussion.

Antony Robbins is not ENFJ but close to it. -- jgbr
A6 actually yeswhat ttype isantony robbins ?? -- Anonymous
A7 Anthony "Tony" Robbins, self-help author and success coach, (MBTI: ESFJ), (Socionics: Hugo), "The Caring Enthusiast", Naturally talented at working with others, has strong moral principles, works very hard, detail oriented etc. (Parent presumably an INTJ) -- jgbr
A8 He's LIE and the interviewer seems like LII. Some suggest ESE and those should take the time to listen to what he is saying. He is 100% logical and talks in a strict sequence that digs into core of the ideas he is explaining (which I see as Te+Ni). He doesn't show use of Fe or Si, infact Si at 3d or 4d looks calm and is about not over extending ones self. This man is the opposite of calm, he is explosive. -- NotDoingWork
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