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Question #1310929577Sunday, 17-Jul-2011
Category: Typing Celebrities
Was George Carlin an INTp? Interestingly he joked about worshiping his possible dual, Joe Pesci, which this site says is an ESFp... -- Simon the INFp
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A1 I've never heard any INTp joke about worshipping someone. It's not usual for INTps to worship someone, let alone joke about it - they're too critical for it. (Luckily for us, because we don't like to be worshipped.) They express their love for someone either by criticizing them, or indirectly, by asking How are you?, Do you need help? and such. Joe Pesci doesn't seem to me like an ESFp. A) his eyes have a kind expression and also his voice is openly kind, almost loving, which is not ESFp, we are kind of more mysterious. B) his head moves heavily and much more than his eyes. This also doesn't indicate ESFp because if he was an ESFp, his movements would be much more fluent and his eyes would constantly change from an inward, meditative, "empty" look (Fi) from scanning the surrounding (Se). Also, our jokes are not so obvious and deliberate, more like sudden ideas. (You can watch an interview with Matthew Perry, an ESFp, for comparison.) Our eyes are the liveliest part of us, while Joe Pesci's eyes are quite steady. He strikes me as a strong Fe, he might be an ESFj. George Carlin looks like an N, but probably not an INTp because I don't understand his gestures, I don't agree with a word he says and he gets annoying after three minutes. He puts the well-being of people in front of the well-being of nature, which suggests Fe rather than Fi. I'd say he's an INTj, which would make sense if Joe Pesci was an ESFj, especially because I've encountered several INTjs who worshipped or joked about worshipping someone. P.S. I'm 100% sure I'm an ESFp (very irregular with lots of Se). -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 George Carlin (INFJ, Dostoyevsky), INFJs seek meaning and truth, and will reflect on ideas to create a deeper understanding. Although they do not often call attention to themselves, they can provide insight into the ethical and humanitarian issues at hand. George Carlin - "The planet is fine."

-- Anonymous
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