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Question #1308477518Sunday, 19-Jun-2011
Category: INTp ESFp Duality Dating Advice
So I'm a stereotypically average ILI ([Ni] ) and my GF of one year is an SEE ([Se] ). She's absolutely wonderful and I can easily imagine myself with her for the rest of my life. However there are still several things that she completely refuses to discuss. One example, we're both out of college and she will not talk about what we'll actually be doing next year. So I don't know whether she will move or stay yet because of some job. I cannot keep trying to cover something that is about happen. At this point if she won't help me or at least talk about everything then I'll have to leave her which is something I dread if only for my own sake. So can you tell me how to get her to talk about these things or what will she do when I finally leave? -- This Guy
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A1 THE problem with dominant Se is the fact that they REALLY don't know what they will do the next day. They act according to the current circumstances. They take things AS they come or when nothing comes they make something to come for an immediate use. So your friend CAN'T tell you what she will do the next year and I can understand she won't speak about such a topic. YOU have to use your Ni in order to fancy what the improvisation abilities of your friend could bring. You have to be pliant enough in order to follow her and logical enough in order to bring her a more efficient stability. A discussion about the evolution of both your lives which needs a strong Ni is almost impossible for her. -- piccolo_michel
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