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Question #1307430768Tuesday, 7-Jun-2011
Category: Typing Theory
responding then introverted; much too emotionally labile for a "T" type; much too logical-minded for a "F" type. Not interested in abstract learning but learns better what has an immediate application and through trying so that many things got destroyed through misscarried experiences; very adaptable; bored through too much routine or too many and quick changes; very responsible and observant of other's concrete needs but unable to fill other's emotional needs; hates continuous emotional manifestations; always on time and very time conscious, don't need an alarm-clock; doesn't much care about own health and own comfort... What's the type? -- piccolo_michel
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A1 If I understand the English correctly, the person is ISFj with a well-practiced ENTj secondary functioning, which implies that the person is likely to at or well past mid-life. -- Anonymous
A2 A1 You are right this person is old but already was so as a teenager and has an enneagram type 5 (for those who also are familiar with this system). This person immediately grasps theoretical principles but forgets very soon unimportant small details and also sees the whole before the parts. This person perfectly organizes life and work in order to reduce efforts and expenses but (unfortunately!) not in order to get more money. Is an INTp secundary functioning also a possibility? Which type is dual and which type is conflicting for this person, only those of the ISFj part of the personality or those of the secundary functioning part too? -- piccolo_michel
A3 I just ... not love, but are quite facinated about the concept 'emotional labile'. Or the relativity about it I might add. When I look back in my recorded history, I find quite many incidences of what might be called: emotional labile behaviour. I have no problem with confrontations, so they come easy, as secondary, I can tell. And most fall within the 'well deserved' cathegory of application, both in the instant and aftermath, with endeavour of objectivity behind them. BUT, and there's a big one of that one, not a pretty sight for bystanders thrown coincidentially in the situation. Ahh... that goes for the target of application too, I guess. Now, from a conservational standpoint, that is, excessive application of force and relative remedies, I can pretty well in hindsight acknowledge the 'emotional labile' label sticked to such kind of behaviour. It is not just beauty that is in the eye of the beholder, so... where's exactly the break point of definition, or what exactly is defined as emotional labile behaviour? -- ENTp
A4 As "emotionally labile" I thought of the fact that this person is very soon strongly moved through misfortunes who happen to close people, can't sleep after having watched movies, reacts gruffly and roughly when someone is whining without a good reason, reacts in the same way if things aren't done correctly, put at a wrong place, when cars are badly parked, when the organization of an event was bungled because of a lack of thinking, etc. These emotional reactions always prove detrimental to this person. -- piccolo_michel
A5 A4 Thanks, OK, a general emotionally prompted living in mood and actions, I might call it then. More so than , or even way in excess compared to relaxed logical treatment of the same. I guess that was the deflection point I wanted. Now to some serious self asessment studies. I recognise in memories people that fit perfectly to your description of this particular person, and while I believe I am not there, at least yet, I still know there are people judging me the way I judge these. It is all about beeing on the same traits and behaviour scale, it's outermost endpoints described as logical rationale and emotional rationale respectively, with most of us somewhere in between, dwelling in our particular mean defined pinpoints. And then proper judgement becomes difficult since no real objectivity excists from any of these pinpoints. Except maybe defining the divide. Detrimental was the necessary keyword here. Thanks again. -- ENTp
A6 So A5 do you think (as A1 wrote) this person has an ESI type or do you rather think this person could be a kind of "emotional thinker", for instance ILI, LII or even SLI or LSI? Can logical types be emotional in the way I described the person? -- piccolo_michel
A7 A teenage ISFj will use ENTj functioning frequently to acquire information processes that will be used in adulthood. N is best for acquiring F processes, both being relativity based. Once enough process and life-conceptualization has been acquired, the psyche can function as an ISFj , only needing its secondary functioning once in a while ( however, over a lifetime this could amount to a lot). F-processing is N-type information; and similarly T-processing, which uses an absolute basis, is S-type information. This youthful flexibility is how learn and mature; we regain this 'second-sight' after years of living. -- I/O
A8 A6 ,, Hi again, piccolo_michel. >>Can logical types be emotional in the way I described the person? << You know, my whole life have shown consistency within the frames of ENTP\p behavioural descriptions. As far back as I can recall. And I said it before, much of this reflects me. Anger is a quality I can display quite easily. Restless irritation too, the kind of: get the hell things going!. You see? I can turn on a dime in direction of travel, to get things straightened up. But, this anger and irritation is mostly applied to produce certain results. It is tactical and strategic in nature. Of course I get carried away there and then, but it rubs of quite fast when things have settled. I have a theory. I believe more and more that the telltale signs of a logical rational person, such as calm, objective behaviour, is a cause in itself, not a consequence. That is, beeing logical doesnt necessary dictate a calm objective manner. But when beeing calm and objective in your core beeing, that is calmness comes first, then you become objective, and only then, you might be called objective reasoning. Depending on the premises, anyone can act out complete irrationality in proportion with the severity involved and personal threshold of acceptance of stress and strain. Torture comes to mind when theorising around a breakpoint. Likewise, anyone can act out full fledged logical thinking, objective to straight A's, if the serenity and calmness of mind, outweighs the application of stress and strain from the external. So, yes, I do believe thinkers can act quite emotional especially in the anger and easily moved part of the spectrum. Likewise, I do believe ' feelers ' can be impeccable objective logicals. Not to the extent in any case to strip the generals out of neither MBTI or Socionics, but still, if the core is sound and well and feels and comprehends internally generated sufficiency, then you are objective and logical. You dont need to lean on values, laws, regulations, ideas or isms or anything else to make the world a comforting place to be in. You may sanction them if they have integrity of course, but you dont need them personally to make sense and comfort anymore. You cant go wrong anymore. Thats how I see it. -- ENTp
A9 A8 addendum, I forgot, you asked for type clarification. Now this is a hard one, but all in all, this person sounds awfully like an ESTJ I know. He is exactly cut from the same mould you lined out initially. And no, I didnt type him, a head hunting, corporate evaluation, and team assembly company did. I always believed he was an ENFP, lol. His aversion of certain routines convinced me there. His labile temper routed me to the F, detrimental sure describes it sometimes, even selfsabotaging, and his general appearance and behaviour told me P. But now, after they clarified it, I see every aspect of that type, ESTJ, satisfied by reality. -- ENTp
A10 to A9 I also first thought of ESTj. But something doesn't fit: this person is "responding" not "initiating" and then has to have an "introverted" type, at least according to definitions. -- piccolo_michel
A11 A 10, such problems arise now and then. In my scalar world of comprehension, understanding and explanation, I owe this example to be a riddle of the fix points, the gross mean of each of the respectively various four scales of definition. If not beeing especially extroverted or introverted, this point is somewhere between the ends, and polar qualities of behaviour is sufficient enough to confuse in the efforts of attaining consistency. And yet, this is considering healthy individuals. Even more troublesome if that aint the case. -- ENTp
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