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Question #1306994595Thursday, 2-Jun-2011
Category: ESTp
How do you command respect from an ESTP? What do you have to be, say, do for ESTP to respect you? -- Anonymous
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A1 You command respect from an ESTP if they see you physically have Possession of material resources. Such as money, cars, real estate, prestigious work titles, live in wealthy towns, have attractive mate. ESTP's only care about "what you have". This is how they esteem people. But beware - the respect won't last for long. Because ESTP's natively must become "one up" on you. So they will find some way to either take your material resources from you, or denigrate what you have verbally, so it is not as impressive. -- Anonymous
A2 I respect someone if they are competent enough. Not based on materials, though I'me easily impressed by one with many material items, they must have a matching character as well if that is the case. I appreciate someone who can best me at my own game and enjoys the competition and does not break easily. Generally, as a rule of thumb I try to respect everyone but it's inevitable. I am sometimes prone to a "might makes right" tendency and value the strong over the weak, visualizing life as a combat zone and the strongest are left standing, if fate doesn't take them out with a mortar first. Hee hee, I also have a dark sense of humor and appreciate others who can share that humor. Also in an argument, it is best to not take what we say personally as it's not intended. If we were making the statement personal, believe you me, we wouldn't have to try and you wouldn't be left standing to send any retort. I greatly respect those who can converse with me and not take offense or walk away but share without bias and create revelations together. Drama and emotion are very private and reserved attributes therefore it is not appropriate to be seen openly unless the situation deems it necessary and I don't respect those that whine and moan about every little thing. Would rather be your equal. -- Anonymous
A3 I am an ESTp. I respect those who respect themselves. I respect people who show respect to others. I respect demonstrated skill. I respect people who show kindness in a way that is not smothering or gushing. To an ESTp respect means being real. We read people well and often resist manipulation from others. The saying "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink" applies well to ESTps. If you want to convince an ESTp of something, you must make a solid logical case, never use "guilt trips" this just makes us mad. Getting overly emotional often won't help as we aren't very comfortable with emotions and will probably react negatively. Instead present your case in a calm logical manner, so we can weigh it against our own beliefs and sense of right or wrong. Even if the ESTp still disagrees with you, they will respect you for not trying to coerce them with an emotional display (such as crying or trying to make them feel guilty or yelling getting angry bullying, being worried and fearful etc.) ESTps resent being "scared" into something immensely. We want to remain objective and logical at all times. If you want to gain an ESTp's respect lead by example! -- Anonymous
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A4 I'm an estp.. respect is earned not forced. For me, you want respect.. you have to give me something to respect. Have some self respect and you'll find more people respecting you. ESTP or not -- Zaida
A5 Be calm and wise and have your own opinions. If there's a reason to, point out the effects their behaviour has on people. We ESps are often impressed with expressed introverted intuition, so show them the big picture, offer your insight, tell them what you think will become of something in the future, what event in the past caused something that's happening now. TIME is the key word - it's something we ESps are a bit afraid of and can't influence no matter what we do. Work with symbols, that'll mystify them. Cooperate with them, but be yourself. Bring your know-how. -- ESFp
A6 A5 Funny thing is ESFPs never seem to TRULY value any of that. They seem to value the opposite of whatever they actually say they "want". Be calm and wise; they get loud and childish. Have your own opinions; they discount you for not sharing the popular one (aka theirs). Show them the big picture; For what? They only care about RIGHT NOW. Give them advice (Big LOL); They'll ignore it and do the opposite, don't waste your breath. ESTPs though almost identical the 'T' seems to soften the frustrations caused in interactions than with ESFPs. So I wouldn't use your own type as a guide to this question. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
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