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Question #1306910372Wednesday, 1-Jun-2011
Category: ESTp Theory
How do you "beat" an ESTP ? How do you bring out their worst qualities, so they isolate themselves socially? -- Anonymous
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A1 Maybe it's not possible! No one has an answer... -- Anonymous
A2 Easy- attack their vulnerable function. Same goes with any other type. Why you'd want to do that to someone is another question. -- Anonymous
A3 A2 my sentiments also, why not isolate yourself from them? More efficient, and far less work applied too. -- ENTp
A4 A3, to win, that's why. To get revenge. Are you saying the ESTP's are the only people that are allowed to get revenge? To "win"? That no other type can really "beat" the ESTP? -- Anonymous
A5 I would guess surround them with people who are their conflicting and maybe super-ego type. Or maybe behave like a entj towards them. A4- there are types that can beat estp; there are types that can beat every type. -- Anonymous
A6 A4, so basically what you are saying is that you are on a crusade against ESTp's? I initially understood the 'win' part. I just didnt understood the energy applied in your behaviour. Ignoring is the best revenge of them all, if revenge is your desire. Then you are denying them to be in your 'limelight'. That is a terrible destiny for quite many people out there. I talk from experience. -- ENTp
A7 Yes they can easily be beaten at their own game, especially when they have less intelligence then you. But they all share the same major weaknesses. Their achilles heel is jealousy and they have a very bad poker face. Another major weakness of them is they try to take on any battle when in retrospect, in obvious cases they should have better taken their defeat. Their drive to win every battle in combination with their jealousy, they can become very predictive in their actions and thus make an easy target for socially humiliation when you choose to pick your battles and when the moment comes.. strike with no remorse. -- Anonymous
A8 A3: my advice is don't get revenge, it will create a situation inside you that'll eventually get worse than the one you created for the ESTp. In what sense exactly do you want to beat them? If you want to see an ESTp crying, forget about it - they're not sensitive in this way. When a disaster (losing their family or something like that) strikes, they just become apathic. And they move forward too much. When they sense they can't win a game, they'll not only leave, but also completely forget there was a game. If you want to beat them professionally, like in a sport or in business, simply be better than them. But in this case, I feel as if your longing to revenge was exactly where a mean ESTp would like to have you. So the best way to beat him could be to surprise him by pretending not to realize he wantsw to have you there and by not trying to beat him at all. I have absolutely no problems with ESTps exactly because I keep my self-confidence but don't compete with them. As to A6, I know some ESTps who are simply hard-working people who don't care about limelight (as this quality isn't connected to Socionics type) so it needn't work in every case. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A9 "As to A6, I know some ESTps who are simply hard-working people who don't care about limelight" 'Limelighting' was an associative term referencing to achieved attention due to an enderavour of undesirable actions applied to the initial poster by an ESTP. The receivers response is a 'limelight' (which in various degree depends upon the severity of the response) reflected back towards the deliverer as a consequence. This 'limelight' is tied closely to demands and necessities of beeing recognised and acknowledged. Basically, if you hassle someone without due reason, you are basically seeking attention and recognition of some kind. Something which appearantly were the situation here. But this is also a choice on the receivers hand, a hard choice sometimes, but you can deny 'reflections' of responses, thus no response- no limelight. -- ENTp
A10 agree with A8. just give it up and get a life. youll never have an affect on an ESTP -- Anonymous
A11 agree with A8. just give it up and get a life. youll never have an affect on an ESTP -- Anonymous
A12 ha this is funny. let me set this straight little nerd, ESTPs main goal is to have fun, right? Were always surrounded by friends and admirers who want to do things with us. To an ESTP youll just be like a semi annoying bug that hed flick away every now and then for kicks. Theres no "beating" an ESTP. They wont even notice you and if they do wise up to your scheme theyll probably laugh for s couple of minutes and forget about minute later. Were not calculating masterminds. We just have the type of personality thats naturally one step ahead and that people naturally gravitate to. Were not at anyones mercy. Get it straigjt. Youre not gonna beat em so either join em or get a life! -- ESTP gangsta
A13 As A12 shows, obvious egotistical pride is one attribute of many estps. Encourage it and they'll just let out their egotisical side which is, of course, a huge turn off to most normal people and this could result in them being isolated. Another couple of weaknesses that come to mind off the top of my head are, their small mindedness, as well as inability (or chosen lack of understanding)to care/see the bigger picture and general ignorance about the deeper issues in life. -- entp
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A14 Tell them they won't be loved in their entire life and that X doesn't love them, he/she just wants their protection/money/help or they laugh at their back. -- Mastermind
A15 Will that change anything? -- Anonymous
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