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Question #1306317767Wednesday, 25-May-2011
Category: Theory Stereotype T/F
What are the types which are the MOST UNABLE to control their emotions for instance under stress situations, can't keep calm and then may act in an inappropriate way or even dangerously? What are the types which are totally disoriented in the middle of an emotional argument so that their point of view is immediately rejected? I know that some "feelers" are able to efficiently use their emotions in order to get what they want! -- piccolo_michel
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A1 From personal experience, I have come to reason that it is the degree of applied stress which is the critical factor, not so much types as per se. Of course some have shown a greater affinity to tip the scale in the wrong direction, but most I have confronted sure got to a point where they experienced a total lockup thoughttrain wise. It depended on what specific issues I confronted them with, how much they identified with those issues, and to what extent they experienced me as a threat against them. I had some kind of fun, admittedly, when in the middle of an argument, a thoroughbread NT, if I can use such a description, locked up completely, and as a result startet sabotaging his own initial argumental core with unreasonable contradictions. So, I do more and more believe that types as such do not necessarily mean you are doomed to react predictably in these sitations, but that they react accordingly to the extent they tie them selves up to what they beleieve in, in situations when these beliefs are beeing challenged, and the way they are beeing challenged I might add. And I will close with a personal rising belief: When your selfacknowledging has a solid, rocksteady platform, that is you are calm with your self, you are not calm as a product of your beliefs, then you are hard to challenge, whether you are NT, NF, SP, or ST. And everyone could achieve this. I wish I could have mentioned some types, but I do not believe in this predictability anylonger. As per feelers might use emotions as a convincing 'crowbar', they sure might do so. We tend to use measures from our personal 'toolbox', use what works, field tested through life, that is rational as could be. Well , just my couple of pennies. -- ENTp
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A2 Fe polr possibly... otherwise not type related -- Anonymous
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