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Question #1301825955Sunday, 3-Apr-2011
Category: Politics Typing Celebrities
What type is Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg? -- ESTJ Female
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A1 Nicholas Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, (MBTI: ISTJ), (Functions: 1.Si, 2.Te), (Socionics: SLI), (Maxim Gorky), "Doing What Should Be Done", Responsible, Pragmatist, Serious, Loyal, Fatalistic, solemn and not given to emotional expression, they are thinkers, analyzers, they anticipate problems etc. ISTJ Nicholas Clegg interviewed by INTP critic Jeremy Paxman (12Apr10)

-- jgbr
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A2 I am suprised at an ISTJ selling his principles for power!Considering David Cameron is an ISTP and Nick Clegg is an ISTJ. What do you think will happen to the coalition government? -- ESTJ Female
A3 I doubt he's a 't', I reckon INFp -- Simon the INFp
A4 A2. It may sound strange but David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, seems to be ISTJ too. (MBTI: ISTJ), (1.Si, 2.Te), (Socionics: SLI), "Doing what needs to get done", wants to stay serious by weeding out nonsense thoughts of others, has a quiet suspicion of anyone who has fantastical ideas. etc. David Cameron in the Parliament

-- jgbr
A5 I might be talking from the point of view of a dyed in the wool red but I think Camerons policies are too unrealistic for an ISTJ particularly in expecting the private sector to expand to a capacity where it can absorb all the people who lose their jobs in the public sector. Also being an ESTJ I'm a type that has readily volunteered and even I find his 'big society' foolhardy. If you're in danger of loosing your job, volunteering and giving to charity will hardly be at the forefront of your mind. Also Cameron seems to outward looking to be an ISTP and obviously if he and Clegg are both ISTJ they will not see the same problem until it's too late. Like the blind leading the blind. Hopefully. -- ESTJ Female
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