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Question #1300616719Sunday, 20-Mar-2011
Category: Fictional characters Typing
What type was Ebenezer Scrouge? And please don't say ESTj. -- ESTJ Female
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A1 LSE -- Anonymous
A2 What's LSE? I thought it stood for London Stock Exchange. -- ESTJ Female
A3 It's an alias for ESTj. Logical Sensing Extrovert. And London Stock Exchange! -- Anonymous
A4 How about ENTj? The last two letters seem to be the most obvious: a ruthless and decisive businessman who looks at the bottom line. He certainly doesn't give off an F-vibe, and he's quick to state and defend his beliefs with authority, which makes him feel more J-like. His misanthropy in the first part of the book makes him seem more like a jaded (but still rational) NT. And while he isn't particularly social, his Extroverted traits are apparent in his entrepreneurial spirit; he succeeds as a business mogul but is unaware of his effect on other people. BAsed on this, ENTj would be my best guess. -- Random INTj
A5 I think Scrouge's behaviour might be understandable as an ESTJ. After being excluded by his family in early life, then becoming a self made man, he might try to hoard money to feel secure and start to despise those who do not want to 'slave' at their jobs to get on in life especially his employees who want holidays! to spend time with their families, at Scrouge's expense. Security and family are extremely important to ESTJs. -- ESTJ Female
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A6 Logical Sensory Extrovert means ESTJ. As opposed to say, Sensory Logical Extrovert, which means ESTP. It's how the Russians say it. The person was making a joke, you said "please don't say ESTJ" so the person said LSE instead. Anyway, it's been a while since I've been familiar with the story, but my guess would actually be ENTJ, not ESTJ. ENTJs have issues with money, power, and status. They can be very driven to succeed. People of any type can be driven to succeed, but ENTJs are esprcially likely to have a lot of drive and ambition. The wealthy ENTJs who are healthy are not necessarily misers, but the "hidden agenda" can manifest itself in some particularly nasty ways in unhealthy people, no matter what their type. ENTJ's hidden agenda is to be wealthy, so wealth is something that causes ENTJs a lot of problems and inner turmoil. In Scrooge's case, it resulted in him being a miser. Another thing that points to ENTJ is the fact that ENTJs can be very cold and uncaring about other human beings sometimes. This can be an advantage when the ENTJ is a soldier who has to send men into dangerous situations where many of them will die, a boss at a company who has to fire a lot of inefficient people, or an executive who has to step on someone to get ahead. However, this same coldness which helps the ENTJ in some situations can create problems in others, particularly with family and friends. Scrooge was definitely an EXTJ, and my guess is ENTJ because ENTJs are insecure and can get kinda weird when it comes to (extroverted sensing) which relates to money, power, status, and dominance. -- Anonymous
A7 -- Anonymous
A8 I HIGHLY doubt he's an Extrovert as he only thinks of himself and doesn't take others needs or wants into consideration... until after the ghosts of Christmas visit; definitely an 'in the head' kind of guy. There's no doubting that he's a Sensing type, as money is all he cares about. Thinking type... clearly. Judging and Perceiving is the only thing debatable. But I'm leaning toward Judging because he need things done a certain way and has a routine... seems to be the structured type. So the beginning of the movie I'd say he's an ISTJ, at the end probably an ESFJ. But the change was likely temporary. After a month or so that mushy stuff probably wore off and reverted back to an ISTJ (with a slight awareness of others). -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
A9 ISTp can be miserly and uncaring...... -- Anonymous
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