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Question #1298529837Thursday, 24-Feb-2011
Category: Celebrities Typing
with personality types "gone wrong" or skewed by the environment they are in, what type do u think christ moltisanti aka micheal imperioli is ? hes very interesting (ie the well known cousin of tony soprano from The Sopranos)? i saw video of him on youtube regarding NY elections, actually could be an INFP? eg feels limited by 2 party system ? being an independent candidate {Fi} his character always wanted to be a writer or movie director on sopranos very uncharacteristic of a gangsta? complex relations with tony (maybe estj)? -- enfp tree
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A1 Michael Imperioli, INFJ, (1.Ni 2.Fe), "The mystical writer", "Mr. I'm sorry", private, Quiet, Peace-loving, Reserved, Mentor, Counselor, Guide, have an unusually rich inner life, but are reserved and tend not to share their reactions, highly sensitive in their handling of others, Social withdrawal, Risk aversion, seeks social acceptance, maintains careful distance to avoid anticipated humiliation and derogation etc. The INFJ and ESTJ are dual to each other. Michael Imperioli previews "Key to the City"

-- jgbr
A2 A1: Where to begin. First off, Imperioli is absolutely not INFJ (Ni, Fe). He is from the Delta quadra for sure, and I would wager INFP (Fi, Ne). Perhaps most telling here is the way he cannot make continued eye contact with the interviewer, tending instead to search the room, as if looking for inspiration in his answers. This is a cardinal Ne trait. Further specific examples of creative Ne include the quotes "let your mind run wild" and "an opportunity to fix it". All of this intuition would seem to be driven by a very intimate and one-on-one leading function. The point here being that none of these traits are dominant in the INFJ (Ni, Fe). Furthermore, INFJ (Ni, Fe) is not the dual of ESTJ (Te, Si) but of ESTP (Se, Ti). By your same notation, ESTJ would be dual to INFP (Fi, Ne) which follows from what the original poster has written. If your goal is to educate, as you have mentioned in previous threads, you may wish to brush up on your intertype relationships. At the very least, consider adopting socionics notation (given that this is a socionics site). -- INFp guy
A3 jgbr...INFJ/INFp (Ni Fe) and ESTJ/ESTj (Te Si) are actually conflicting, the farthest thing from duality. Just ask any two self-reported people of the aforementioned types. Please be clear in a) your rationale for typing people, b) the functions you're trying to denote with your 4-letter abbreviations, and c)the limits of your understanding regarding Jungian and socionics theory. -- Anonymous
A4 In the Myers-Briggs theory the Romantic Lyricist (Healer) (Yesenin) (Romantic) is INFP (1.Fi, 2.Ne) and they maintain long eye contact. The Humanist Writer (Counselor) (Dostoyevsky) (Empath) is INFJ (1.Ni, 2.Fe). In the Wikipedia entry Yesenin's functions are (Ni, Fe) and Dostoyevsky's are (Fi, Ne). These seem to be incorrect. The first two functions for introverts are reverted in the Wikipedia entry. The type description corresponds to INFP (1.Fi, 2.Ne) and corresponds to INFJ (1.Ni, 2.Fe) on this website. Let's look at the VI exercise The INFj examples are INFJ-s (1.Ni, 2.Fe) and the INFp examples are INFP-s (1.Fi, 2.Ne). -- jgbr
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A5 A4: Evidence based upon historical Russian figures and computer simulations of V.I. is anecdotal and unpersuasive. I base my conclusions upon people with whom I have personally interacted. With this in mind, socionics descriptions have proven quite accurate, which is the primary reason I believe your understanding to be incomplete. I wonder if you have directly communicated with either an INFp or an INFj? Which type do you consider yourself? -- INFp guy
A6 jgbr... What bearing does the posthumous typing of people have on Michael Imperioli's type? Cogency please, with respect to the thread's topic. -- Anonymous
A7 A6. The usage of lowercase p and j letters in the 4 letter notation is utterly confusing. In A4. I have tried to point out some of the inconsistencies related to it. Normally I expect minor mistakes here and there on typology related websites. A5. I have met people from all types (both males and females) in person. I understand if you are skeptical about VI. Please feel free to ignore it if you do not accept it. VI is not on the public domain. People would use it for abuse. I assume it is employed by highly trained forensic specialists and intelligence agents only. The examples in the VI exercise seem to be quite accurate though. I was able to find real life examples for nearly all images. A1. Now let's go back to Michael Imperioli. In my opinion he is INFJ-(MBTI)-(1.Ni, 2.Fe) and currently I do not see any evidence which would change my categorization. If you think he is another type, feel free to share your thoughts with others. -- jgbr
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